Friday, December 7, 2018
Free Press Unlimited has awarded Simon Černik, a young filmmaker from Czech Republik wins the WADADA News for Kids youth prize at the 10th UNAOC PLURAL+ Youth Video Festival in New York. The annual festival is hosted by the United Nations Allliance of Civilizations, UNAOC, and promotes and awards shortfilms of young filmmakers between 7 and 25 years old that deal with migration, diversity and inclusion.

Cinema for change

“With 'Colorblind' Simon, who is only 16, captures the audience with a visual poem that takes them into a caroussel of emotions.

His sensitive story uses many filmic elements to deepen the audience’s feelings and confronts them with a surprising end that plays with their prejudices and assumptions”, says Jan-Willem Bult, Head of WADADA News for Kids. “The award is given by the currently 20 countries of the WADADA News for Kids network, who encourage Simon to continue to create films that support young people’s autonomy.”

Distribution in 20 WADADA countries

An important part of the award is that the film will now be distributed for broadcasting to the 20 countries that participate in Free Press Unlimited's project WADADA News for Kids. A cooperation of special news bulletins for children and youth that connects the world, from México to Myanmar, from Egypt to South Africa, from Argentina to Indonesia.

The annual PLURAL+ competition is organised by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations with the aim of getting young people more closely involved in the themes of diversity, migration and social inclusion.

Link to the winning film: