Annual report 2013: Free Press Unlimited's answer to the rise of oppression of journalists


In 2013 journalists struggled more than ever in their pursuit of objectively informing us about the world's crises. Fortunately, Free Press Unlimited was there to support them.

Free Press Unlimited appoints new Head of Children & Youth Media


Free Press Unlimited has assigned Jan-Willem Bult as its new Head of Children's and youth media. 

How Media Ownership Threatens Press Freedom


Only 14 percent of the world’s population live in societies in which there is honest coverage of civic affairs, journalists can work without fear of repression or attack, and state interference is minimal.

When citizens become story makers…


In a country where the state controls everything, traditional media are no exception to the rule. Yet social media can be. Twenty-six year old activist Mohammed Al-Maskati is one to know.

Ukrainian media reinvent themselves – with the help of volunteers


It had been a while since Miriam Dragina worked as a journalist. Miriam has briefly returned to the world of news coverage: “I basically want to contribute – do my bit…”.

Press Freedom at the Lowest Level in a Decade, but the Netherlands rises to number 1


Free Press Unlimited and research organisation Freedom House released the Freedom of the Press Index 2014 on 1 May 2014. Global press freedom has fallen to its lowest level in over a decade.

Ethiopia continues to crack down on freedom of expression


Today marks six days since the arrest of Zone 9 bloggers in Ethiopia. Since then three journalists, friends of Zone 9, have also been arrested and are being detained.

2 May 2014: Press Freedom Night: Uploads from a burning street


On Friday 2 May 2014, Free Press Unlimited will be presenting Press Freedom Night. When a conflict prevents the regular media from doing their job, it’s up to citizen journalists to report on new developments.