Mesh netwerk

People of DR Congo will communicate using their own mesh network


 Unlimited is working to set up a mesh network.  This is an alternative Internet with which citizens are in contact with each other and share and receive important news and information.

"We don't know what the situation in Mosul is, because nobody has been to Mosul."


Do journalists make a difference in conflict zones? Should they risk paying an incredibly high price for reporting on war?

Free Press Unlimited co-organizes international media meeting in Kiev from 24-27 September


While the conflict over Eastern Ukraine continues, there is also a battle going on in the media. How can we help independent journalists to document what is actually happening?

Call for immediate action; humanitarian crisis may result into genocide in Iraq


Around 40,000 Yezidi Iraqi citizens are stuck in the Sinjar Mountains, left stranded without food and water and surrounded by militants of The Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS).

Street theater gives South Sudanese girls new hope


For many girls in war-ridden South Sudan, the future looks bleak. Forced marriage, domestic violence and limited freedom of movement are a daily reality. A change of society will have to be preceded by a change of mind.

First multimedia platform South Caucasus launched


The more different media types you use to tell your story, the more versatile your image will become. When photographers, cameramen and writers work together, the end result will be more powerfull.

Launch Hacks/Hackers Amsterdam 16 July 2014


This will bring ournalists and technologists together to share experiences, collaborate on projects and provide a space where technology can provide solutions to the problems we face in journalism.

Stories from citizen journalists Zimbabwe now travel further


National media in Zimbabwe hardly covers news from the rural areas. So when you live in the capital of Zimbabwe, how do you know what is going on in the rest of your country?