Jaarverslag 2014

Annual Report 2014: the need of press freedom higher on the agenda


By war violence, millions of people in 2014 not only lost their homes, but also their access to reliable information. In many countries, leaders and armed groups strengthened their grip on the media. It is an alarming development. Freedom of the...

Burundi staatsgreep radiozender

Burundi: elections without information?


For weeks there have been protests in Burundi because President Nkurunziza has put himself up for election for a third term, when according to the constitution two terms is the maximum. A coup carried out by a few senior military failed and...

Emin milli azerbeidzjan balie

Lectures human rights Azerbeidzjan


This year Azerbaijan will host the first ever European Games. However, last year has been one of the most tragic years for the country, in light of the preservation of human rights. Anyone who criticizes the government of president Ilham Aliyev...

Women Pakistani Diamer Region able to vote after all


Web magazine the Pamir Times with technical assistance from Bytes For All are running the GB Votes project to monitor and inform on the upcoming local assembly election in the region of Gilgit-Baltistan on 8 June, in the high mountains of northern...

The Huffington Post launches campaign for Free Press Unlimited


"Ensuring Free Speech and Safety For Journalists is one of the issues being hightlighted and we believe that Free Press Unlimited excels at providing meaningful and innovative solutions to this cause space.", according to the news website. During...

Press Freedom in its worst state in years


“Journalists are under growing pressure,” says Leon Willems of Free Press Unlimited. “The abuse of information as a weapon increases”. In 2014, reporters in the Middle East, South Asia, and Latin America were kidnapped by terrorists and criminal...

StoryMaker Trainers Guide launch


This guide is designed to provide trainers with a comprehensive roadmap to organize and run a five-day storytelling workshop with StoryMaker. The guide includes a workshop outline, tips for effective workshop management and a variety of examples and exercises. 

Statement: The biggest threat to cybersecurity and the Internet is mass surveillance


On 16 April, 9 a.m., Free Press Unlimited, Bits of Freedom, ARTICLE 19, Greenhost and La Quadrature du Net held a press conference prior to the opening of GCCS at World Forum by Dutch Prime Minister Rutte. During this event, the organisers...