Kunumi, the native thunder

Free Press Unlimited has three nominations at the Prix Jeunesse International


Three children and youth television productions from Free Press Unlimited were nominated by the Prix Jeunesse International. This bi-annual festival is also known as 'the Oscars of children's television'. 


Statement of solidarity with the Afghan media community


In response to the attacks of January 20th on Tolo TV, in which 8 people have been killed and 30 others injured, we stand in solidarity with the Afghan media community.

Lokale radio in de Centraal Afrikaanse Republiek

‘Information is food for the mind’


In the war-torn Central African Republic, Jean Ignace has been able to help build up some 30 community radio stations.

Press Conference Moroccan Human Rights Association

Hicham Mansouri released after 10 months in prison


On January 17, investigative journalist Hicham Mansouri was released after serving 10 months in prison for allegedly committing adultery. While his release was expected, it brought much needed celebration to the case that began last year against...

Children post on Instagram during EU Summit


Children will take over the @EU2016NL Instagram account during some of the meetings of the Council of the European Union at the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam.

The myth of internet freedom in Azerbaijan


Although the internet is supposedly the only remaining platform for dissent in Azerbaijan, more than 30 online activists were criminally prosecuted or intimidated by the authorities, between July 2014 and November 2015.

Worldwide call for digital encryption


Free Press Unlimited and more than 170 organisations and companies worldwide are asking government leaders to support strong encryption:

Green light given to fully support the Russian Language News Exchange


Free Press Unlimited has been given the green light by the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Koenders to set up together with other partner organizations a Russian Language News Exchange.