The Winners of the Free Press Awards 2016 are: Klaas van Dijken (Best Report Award), ‘Fisayo Soyombo (Newcomer of the Year) and Hamid Mir (Most Resilient Journalist).

Most Resilient Journalist 

Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir wins the Most Resilient Journalist Award. With this award we honor a journalist who has demonstrated extraordinary strength of character, courage and perseverance in reporting the news. During his journalistic career he interviewed Osama Bin Laden, Nelson Mandela, Tony Blair, Hillary Clinton and Yasser Arafat. Due to his outspoken reporting on local terrorist networks and political parties, he experienced a number of arrests, physical attacks, kidnappings and survived two murder attempts. Despite these attacks, Hamid continues to practice journalism in Pakistan, spending his life in hiding. He refuses to leave the country, because it would discourage many young journalists. Other nominees for this award were Claudia Duque from Colombia and Mohamed Al-Qadhi from Yemen.

Newcomer of the Year

Nigerian journalist 'Fisayo Soyombo wins the Newcomer of the Year - Hans Verploeg Award. This award is a recognition for a new and talented journalist. 'Fisayo Soyombo was praised for his brave undercover jounalism and innovative approach in a country where corruption is the rule rather than the exception. The other nominees were Mehman Huseynov from Azerbaijan and Tafadzwa Ufumeli from Zimbabwe.

Best Report

Klaas van Dijken wins the Best Report Award with "Darfur, oorlog zonder einde", Trouw, 11 april 2015, “En de stad Golo krijste”, Trouw, 7 mei 2015 (Darfur). This is the award for the best foreign documentary that was made with support from the Dutch Postcode Lottery Fund for journalists that enables them to make reports on people and the environment in developing countries and conflict areas. Klaas van Dijken is a freelance journalist, videographer and one of the founders of Butch & Sundance Media. Other nominees were Minka Nijhuis and Lennart Hofman. 

About the Free Press Awards

With the Free Press Awards, we want to honour journalists who risk everything to bring us the news. Media pioneers who pave the way for equality and justice and those who persevere under the most difficult circumstances. Journalists who have a strong commitment with press freedom and independent information.