Safety is a basic need for independent media. Journalists who are subjected to personal threats or obstructed by laws or censorship cannot fulfill their crucial role as a source of objective, unbiased information.

That is why Free Press Unlimited assigns top priority to creating safe working conditions for journalists. Over the years, we trained a large number of journalists and media organisations, helping them to arm themselves against violence and to communicate without other parties ‘listening in’. Additionally, Free Press Unlimited also manages an emergency fund for media workers, develops safety tools and actively advocates for a safer working environment for journalists worldwide.

At Free Press Unlimited we consider safety an all-embracing concept that includes the physical, the psycho-social, digital and the legal domains equally. We believe that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, as the safety challenges vary per context the solutions differ as well. Therefore all our programmes are informed by organisational and individual needs.

The pillars of our safety programme 

  1. Emergency Support: Around the world, members of the press face an increasing level of repression, violence and intimidation by governments, interest groups, militia and other parties. Unfortunately, for many journalists working in troubled areas, such threats are a daily reality. Many lose their equipment, their offices and sometimes even their lives. With the Reporters Respond fund, we provide direct assistance to journalists and media outlets in distress. 
  2. Safety Training: Training on journalistic safety is essential, especially for media workers operating under challenging – often life threatening – conditions. In collaboration with international partners, Free Press Unlimited supports (media) organisations and media workers with safety training. In our training programmes, we always approach safety holistically and mitigation strategies will never be seen as stand-alone interventions. Physical, digital, psycho-social and legal safety, will not be viewed in isolation from each other. 
  3. Safety tools & Resources: Together with its partners, Free Press Unlimited has developed various tools to keep media workers safe and make their work in challenging environments more efficient.
  4. Lobby & Advocacy: Independent media and press freedom cannot exist if safety for journalists isn’t guaranteed. Therefore, Free Press Unlimited actively lobbies for a safe work environment for journalists. An environment which enables them to work free of fear and danger.


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