Since May 2010 webhosting provider Greenhost supports the work of Free Press Unlimited. Greenhost provides server space and technical support for the Free Press Unlimited website and projects such as Radio Dabanga. Next to that the team of the Amsterdam-based company has been involved in setting up hands-on Internet security training and remains an important adviser in questions regarding internet safety and secure communication for our employees around the world.

Green Hosting

Greenhost provides data hosting in an environmentally just manner, while addressing the challenges brought forward by the increasing pressure exerted on privacy and security on the web. With its sponsoring efforts, Greenhost helps different organization to push for a better world in the realm of education, journalism and the arts.

Supporting Free Press Unlimited

According to Greenhost, the specific interest in supporting Free Press Unlimited lies also in the constant challenge to safeguard dynamic work environments for journalists active in the field. Technological as well as political changes influence the needs of people reporting in conflict regions and demand creativity and responsibility to maintain their safety. High security requirements are inevitable for Free Press Unlimited to protect journalists, especially those working in regions with tightly controlled media environments.

Open and free internet

Greenhost is committed to the struggle for press freedom and an open and free internet. The current ownership and control models regarding online spaces imposed by private companies and governmental institutions determine our experience of the web and need to be addressed and dealt with. Since the work of journalists across the world many times depends on internet use, measures might need to be taken to circumvent digital censorship and make their voices heard. Through the recent publication of the open source manual 'Basic Internet Security', Greenhost makes information about online threats and possible precautions available to the public and hereby shares Free Press Unlimited's stance for freedom of information.

Download the FLOSS manual 'Basic Internet Security' for free

Rapid Response Services

The Rapid Response Fund aims to facilitate a strong digital emergency response community to resolve digital threats in a timely and comprehensive manner. The objective of this service is initiated by the Open Technology Fund (OTF) and the goal is, in due time, to have many organizations as part of this Rapid Response initiative. Greenhost is one of the providers of this service. 

Organizations, activists, journalists and other human rights defenders can face digital attacks and emergencies of various kinds. When these problems concern the delivery of (hosting) services, the Rapid Response team can assist you. Because of the nature of this funding, the support is only available when there is a clear time-sensitive digital emergency in which the applicant is seeking short-term and urgent support. 

If you think your project is eligible for Rapid Response Funding, or if you need more information, please contact Greenhost.

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