Making news and providing your audience with reliable information. Acting as society's watchdog and exposing crimes and injustice. To those who enjoy press freedom it can be taken for granted, whilst its absence is a disaster for many. Where freedom of the press is lacking, corruption has free rein and human rights can be abused without reprieve.

Press freedom under pressure

Around the world less that one in seven are citizens of a country with free press. That means that for the remaining 87% of the global population freedom of the press is partially or completely restricted. 

Violence against journalists

There is a silent war brewing against journalism around the world. Working in journalism has become increasingly more dangerous: every week a journalist is killed as they carry out their job. Many more journalists are silenced by intimidation, persecution and physical violence.

The countless threats, abuse, arrests and murders of journalists have, inevitably, led to self-censorship. This restriction of journalism has had a major impact on communities, as it severely limits their access to reliable information.

Press freedom globally

Free Press Unlimited works to structurally improve freedom of the press around the world. We do this in many different ways.  

  • We support journalists and media-pioneers in forty countries. Through training, materials, knowledge and manpower we strengthen journalists and media, ensuring that they are able to do their important work of providing as many people as possible with access to the information they desperately need. 
  • Worldwide we lobby for the protection of journalists and their sources, as well as for the prosecution of those who abuse their (human) rights. This work is fundamental to the provision of independent information, from the Netherlands to Morocco and from Syria to South Sudan. In this we work together with local and international (media) organisations. 
  • We draw the attention of as many people as we can to the importance of press freedom; for example by organising events such as the Festival of the Free Word and Free Press Live, as well as the documentary series 'The Pen and the Sword.' In this series journalist Fidan Ekiz highlights independent journalists, newspapers and TV-stations that do their work under dangerous conditions in dictatorships and conflict areas.   

Free Press Unlimited believes that everybody has the right to independent information, to survive and to develop. In most countries, however, press freedom is under pressure. By supporting the work of Free Press Unlimited you contribute to freedom of the press worldwide.