Investigative reporters rely on their sources for information. But what if people are too scared to talk? In Mexico, many citizens keep the truth about corruption, smuggling and drugs to themselves because those in power are not afraid to use brute force to protect their own position. In order to maintain the flow of information, a digital whistleblowing platform, Mexicoleaks, has been launched. Mexicoleaks forms a bridge between whistleblowers and the Mexican media. A bridge which is safe, because Mexicoleaks enables whistleblowers to leak information anonymously to the Mexican media.

Courageous journalists

“Despite obstructions and danger, there is a courageous group of journalists in Mexico who want to get to the truth at all costs. With modern technology like Méxicoleaks Free Press Unlimited helps these journalists to inform the Mexican population about what is really going on in their country,“ says Albana Shala of Free Press Unlimited. Mexicoleaks was launched in March 2015 together with eight media and civil society organizations and is open to other media organizations and investigative journalists who wish to join.

Receive, check, publish

Mexicoleaks makes use of open source software which is made available by GlobalLeaks. Whistleblowers remain anonymous and are able to choose which of the participating media and civil society organizations they wish to communicate their information to. It is then up to the investigative journalists to undertake the important task of deciding upon the relevance of the story and to check the facts. It is only then that the story is published and the information used to publicly expose wrongdoings. In this way, Mexicans get to hear about matters which the authorities, powerful companies and criminal gangs do not want them to hear about.