Make your own decisions about what you share and choose to remain anonymous if you want to: an online world where everybody has access to reliable information without others looking over your shoulder. That is what the Internet Protection Lab is working on. And not without reason. Even though more and more people all over the world have access to the Internet, there are just as many people working on online control and censorship. Not only in repressive countries, but governments everywhere have an almost uncontrollable urge to regulate the Internet.

The Internet Protection Lab is a growing cooperation between international organisations. Each organisation uses their own knowledge and expertise to work on an accessible and secure Internet for everybody. That way, journalists, bloggers and human rights activists all over the world can keep receiving and sharing important information in a secure manner. That way, they can keep doing their important work without running the risk of being discovered and persecuted. 

We organise training for Internet users who may be in danger because of their online activities. Or we re-examine an IT infrastructure and install systems that are less vulnerable to cyber-attacks. We work closely with local partners and consider the best approach on a case by case basis. The Internet Protection Lab has already supported LGBT rights activists in Russia, bloggers in Ethiopia and human rights defenders in Guatemala.