After succesfuly implementing online whistleblower platforms in the Netherlands, Indonesia and Mexico, Free Press Unlimited introduces in Nigeria. The first Nigerian online whistleblowing platform that allows citizens to safely share sensitive information with the media.

In November 2017, Free Press Unlimited launched, Nigeria's first online whistleblowing platform. The platform was set up in collaboration with trusted Nigerian media houses and civil society organisations (CSOs). 

Growing need for whistleblower protecion

In Nigeria whistleblowing has become central to exposing the many public and private sector corruption and fraud scandals. In order to promote whistleblowing and protect whistleblowers, a coalition of Nigerian media have launched the independent platform The coalition's main goal is to fight injustice in Nigeria by providing a safe platform for whistleblowers to help guarantee the public’s access to relevant information.

Safe software 

The platform was launched by Free Press Unlimited and the Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism (PTCIJ) in November 2017 using GlobalLeaks software. This state of the art software anonymises the internet connection as you submit files or correspond with reporters. This allows people to send information in the public interest to the collaborating media houses and CSOs while protecting their identity from others who might be monitoring. 

From leak to story

The leaks sent through are then further investigated and checked by the receiving member(s) of the coalition. Eventually the stories are written and published both individually and sometimes jointly. The coalition of media supporting the platform include International Centre for Investigative Journalism, (ICIR), Order Paper, The Cable, Premium Times, Daily Trust, and Leadership newspaper. All members of the coalition have to be endowed with excellent investigative journalism skills and integrity in both content and the investigative processes. The platform is also supported by the larger Coalition for Whistleblower Protection and Press Freedom (CWPPF) which includes civil society organisations who lobby and advocate on press freedom issues.