Journalists in repressive countries are being tapped for many years already. And with the arrival of the digital world, it has only gotten worse. It's playing a game of cat and mouse between media, journalists and sources on one side, and those in power on the other side. Not everyone has the knowledge to keep track of this race. With the NetAidKit, Free Press Unlimited makes it easier for journalists to use existing and freely available ways to use the internet safely.

Circumvent surveillance and censorship

The NetAidKit is a router that, just like a regular router, connects devices to the internet, with the major difference that the NetAidKit transmits all data of the user over a secured VPN connection or through the Tor network. In this way journalists can circumvent online censorship and protect themselves against surveillance.

With the NetAidKit a provider can't see which website the user visits and has no access to the user data. Moreover, with the NetAidKit you can easily send all data of your devices through a secured connection. You can even make a secured connection a precondition: this way your devises can't connect to the internet, unless there is a secured connection.

Journalists need simple solutions to safely to their job. Unobstructed by tapped connections, they should be able to research, to communicate with sources and colleagues and to carry out their work, without putting themselves and others around them in danger. When journalists choose to remain anonymous, they don't have to comply with the so-called truth of those in power, and can inform the world about what is really going on.

End of NetAidKit

Since early 2019, the NetAidKit is no longer available due to a lack of resources to continue developing and managing the tool. Please note that the NetAidKit you might have is no longer safe, because the software used on the NetAidKit is no longer up to date. This means that Free Press Unlimited can no longer guarantee the safe use of your NetAidKit.