Due to a lack of progress in peace talks, the risk of another war between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh increases. Moreover, the dominance of nationalist and violent rhetoric in the media in the region are causing the situation to escalate. Armenian mainstream media is suffering financial difficulties and is to a large extent controlled either by political parties or big businesses that promote the interests of their owners. Exaggeration and propaganda may cause the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan to escalate even more.

Free Press Unlimited is organizing meetings to bring together journalists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia who are committed to providing objective information about the regional issues. The ultimate aim is to establish a sustainable platform to promote fact-based and balanced journalism, which can gradually change nationalist and crowd-pleasing rhetoric in all four countries.

TV stations

Free Press Unlimited supports professional exchange between Armenian, Azerbaijani and Turkish regional TV stations in the 'Dialogue' project to improve inter-cultural, inter-ethnic and inter-regional understanding. This is unique; all three stations were willing to cooperate with each other. Thanks to Free Press Unlimited's journalistic and financial support over the last five years, the quality of productions by partner TV stations improved and addressed the real needs of the local audiences in border towns and in the wider region.


During the period 2012 to 2014, Free Press Unlimited also trained multimedia journalists, bloggers, photographers, artists and designers from three countries in the South Caucasus, in cooperation with the Royal Dutch Embassy in Tbilisi. In the long term, these projects should lead to a regional network of journalists, through which productions can be exchanged, breaking through stereotypes and nationalistic discourses.