In recent years, Radio Tamazuj has become a household name in South Sudan, which became independent in 2011 after years of civil war with Sudan. Since December 2013, another horrendous conflict is being fought, as a result of which the human rights situation of the South Sudanese has deteriorated enormously. Radio Tamazuj is the only independent media platform for South Sudan and is therefore more important than ever. Free Press Unlimited supports Radio Tamazuj both financially and operationally, for example with targeted training, varying from organisational management to investigative journalism courses.

The editing team at Radio Tamazuj consists of journalists from the region. Every day, about 500,000 South Sudanese listen to Radio Tamazuj, which reaches all corners of the country for an hour a day via the short wave. A network of undercover journalists in South Sudan delivers the daily news with which the Radio Tamazuj journalists can make their broadcasts. This news also appears on the popular website and social media channels in two languages: Arabic and English.

In South Sudan in recent years, the state of freedom of expression has been declining rapidly. Journalists and media can no longer report independently and uncensored in South Sudan. Radio Tamazuj and its staff were forced to flee the country, like so many other South Sudanese who are fighting for the truth. Since 2015, they have been working in exile from a neighbouring country. Here, with support from Free Press Unlimited, they are working hard on a professional, independent Radio Tamazuj that can continue to provide the South Sudanese population with reliable, uncensored information. We hope to have achieved that by the end of 2020 at the latest.