In a nation with border conflicts and great ethnical tensions it is incredibly important for people to have access to reliable information. Prejudice and propaganda can spark conflicts all too easily. In Georgia, local broadcasting companies are well aware of this risk.

Because the local media are present where it happens. They talk to the people who are faced with the consequences of these conflicts every day. And so it is the local media who see beyond the propaganda and who consider the other side of a story just as important as the versions told by the ones in power.

This is not common practice in Georgia. The local media do what many others neglect: provide independent and reliable news to the citizens of this country. Free Press Unlimited works together with Georgian Association of Regional Broadcasters (GARB), an organisation that brings together 26 local broadcasting companies in Georgia. Through the Georgian Association of Regional Broadcasters, the regional broadcasting companies counterbalance the often politically biased national media. 

The Georgian Association of Regional Broadcasters enables regional broadcasters to join forces and increase their scope. This is necessary because it is not easy to be a small local broadcaster amongst the national media big boys. Too often, national and foreign political and economic interests still influence the national news. The information people receive is often biased and for information on the border conflicts the Georgian people often depend on a distant version by the government or on Russian propaganda. A joint broadcast by the Georgian Association of Regional Broadcasters offers all citizens of Georgia the right information and a voice of their own. 

That is why it is so important for the regional broadcasters to join forces. Because together, they are stronger. Because together, they can resist the political and economic pressure and reach the people in all of Georgia. It is the regional broadcasters who give the people access to the reliable and all-round information they need to really know what is going on.