StoryMaker is an open source mobile application that enables (citizen) journalists to create better stories and share them securely on their mobile telephones. With this app, Free Press Unlimited closes the gap between mainstream and social media and increases the impact of citizen journalism. The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Better stories, more impact

StoryMaker combines editing software with security and a self training program on journalism in order to improve the stories published through mobile phones. Bethel Tsegaye of Free Press Unlimited: “ There is almost always someone present with a mobile telephone when something important happens. Citizens are becoming storytellers and journalists do not always carry around their cameras. StoryMaker enables people to capture stories around them, edit them and share them with the world.” Free Press Unlimited has trained over 600 citizen journalists, youth, refugees, internally displaced people and journalists across the Middle East and North Africa, Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.


StoryMaker contains packs of lessons to help you learn the basics of journalism and get you started with producing great stories. You can find lessons that cover journalism, security, storytelling, audio, photo and video. Each section starts with basic skills and becomes more advanced as you progress. The instructions are produced by different professionals in the field of journalism, providing everyone with the knowledge to create quality content.


The innovative app provides software to edit your clips effortlessly and professionally. Once you produced or added your audio recording, video clips and pictures, you can reorder them how you want. Options such as narration and trimming allow for a polished finish. The app is created to make editing easy for everyone. The basic story structures are strong, and with minimal experience you can create quality items.


When you finish your story, you can share it with the world. The StoryMaker app supports publishing to Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, SoundCloud, the Internet Archive and your own private servers. We are working on supporting more platforms within StoryMaker, so we never have to miss out on your content. You can also export your stories to your device, or upload them to any service available on Android.

There is a world of exciting apps out there to help you produce content, but StoryMaker is unique. It teaches you how to make your story great, with story templates and guides and it helps the user understand why specific shots work for different purposes.

The StoryMaker app is available for free in the Google Play Store. What started in 2012 as an app to help citizen journalists to learn how to produce stories everyone can connect with, now contributes to the world of news with independent, accurate and timely information.