How do Afghans see their own future? What is important to the Afghan people and what do they think is happening in their country? Free Press Unlimited, together with the Cause Collective art collective, present the Truth Booth in Afghanistan. In this unique project, we invite the Afghan people to join the conversation, to fill an enormous speech bubble with their voices. Together, we went in search of the truth.

The truth is...

Over the past few years, we have often heard what generals, politicians and other experts think of Afghanistan and the Afghan people. We hardly know what the Afghans themselves think. 

The Truth Booth is an enormous speech bubble that travelled to various areas in Afghanistan in August and September 2013. Everybody was invited to the inflatable mini studio and was asked to finish the sentence “The truth is ..” in front of a camera. All opinions and thoughts were welcome. With the Truth Booth we gave the Afghans citizens a voice; ordinary men and women, villagers and city dwellers, students and many others. Everybody could have a say in the Truth Booth. 

Growing video collage

The longer the journey lasted, the larger the collection of videos became of Afghans talking about what worries them, what makes them happy and what they are curious about. It would be a shame if this stayed inside the Truth Booth. All recordings can be found on In a country that is still unstable and where a large part of the population wonder what the future looks like, it is extremely important that the people themselves talk about what happens in their own country and hear what matters to their fellow-countrymen and women. In total, nearly 500 Afghans entered the Truth Booth to tell their truth. Whether they talked about family, politics, dreams of the future, or religion; everybody was free to let their voice be heard. By each other, by those in power in their country and by us.