From Nepal to Zambia and from Nicaragua to South Africa; everywhere in the world you will find children and youth who cannot wait to discover what is happening in the world around them. And yet, most countries do not have any special news or opinion programmes for them. Free Press Unlimited has taken up the challenge with the successful format of WADADA News for Kids, a cooperation of TV and radio programs in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Finally young viewers are provided with news, opinions and stories appropriate to their age.

A global community, connecting diversity

WADADA News for Kids is an international tv and radio programme and news broadcast aimed at children aged between 8 and 12 and youth of 13 to 17 years. It's running in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. WADADA News for Kids is also the name of the network of cooperation. We're running a 24/7 online newsroom and an online video library where all broadcasting materials are uploaded and exchanged. We provide on site trainings and continue to build successful national cross media communities.

In 26 weekly new episodes a year the 'WADADA News for Kids world edition' shows a compilation of the latest news, information and stories from our TV programmes around the world. Through these worldwide news editions children learn at an early age that the world is bigger than the place they grow up in and that there are more sides to a story. Our host Fiona presents us the latest headline stories, entertaining current affairs, short news and teen reports.

About 100.000.000 viewers worldwide

WADADA News for Kids broadcasts in Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Burma, Egypt, Ecuador, Ghana, Indonesia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Peru, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Surinam and Zambia. Our programmes reach an estimated hundred of million of people worldwide. 

The number of countries that are part of WADADA News for Kids is constantly increasing. New programmes are planned for Argentina and Mexico. But we will not stop there. We will expand our network and continue until all children and youth in the world have access to unbiased news, opinions and stories.