Worldwide 60% of the population is younger than 30 years old. That is more than a half! The largest number of young people live in developing countries. Specifically, in these countries young people and children are not taken seriously by the media. They have no voice and yet they are the future. How can they grow up to become articulate and critical citizens? By learning that their opinion matters. This is the reason that Free Press Unlimited initiated WADADA News for Kids. This is an international network of TV and radio programmes for children and young people. 

100,000,000 viewers worldwide

Young people and children are insufficiently represented in the media. The programmes that inform children in a responsible and professional way and give them a voice are scarce. This is a big problem, especially in Asia, South America and Africa, because children play an important role in shaping their own future and form the foundation of further developments in these countries. They are the new generation that can make a difference. WADADA News for Kids makes a big impact. The programmes not only reach the children but also parents, schools and sometimes the government. Altogether, the network reaches over 100 million children and their families! Important issues such as child labor, corruption in schools, and innovative solutions for bullying at school are brought to light by these programmes. It led to a large-scale exam fraud in Bangladesh being uncovered by a hard-hitting report in the Bengali News for Kids Kanastara. WADADA News for Kids is active worldwide in order to raise children’s awareness, to give them a voice and help them develop as engaged and active citizens. This affects the global public debate and can lead to social change.

Free Press Unlimited and the WADADA News for Kids network.

Free Press Unlimited has a lot of experience in developing media for children and young people. We develop new programmes for children in collaboration with local media organisations. Under the umbrella of WADADA News for Kids, media production training is provided and local teams are given the lead in the production of a professional television format. WADADA News for Kids guides and coordinates these local teams so that they produce responsible programmes that reach their target audiences and empower them. One of the main goals is that the children are represented in the broadcasts themselves and that they have their own voice. In addition, topics that children themselves are interested in are addressed and extra attention is paid to giving out a positive message with a learning objective.

From its first programmes, the 10-minute Youth News in 2014 in Suriname, WADADA News for Kids has now grown and become a worldwide network of news programmes for children. The network has spread across countries in Africa, South America, Asia and Eastern Europe, with still more countries every year. The children in these countries not only have access to local and national news, but also access to information from and about other countries. The content for the programs is shared through an international multimedia library. For example, children from Myanmar also learn about the lives of children in Suriname, and vice versa. Their worlds and their knowledge are expanded in this way.

Children’s media with an impact

News that is acuminated to children is extremely important. This allows children to engage and develop into involved, active citizens. They are entitled to shape their own future and Free Press Unlimited contributes to this. Free Press Unlimited works with Greenpeace, Child Helpline International and Dance4Life. WADADA News for Kids is supported by the National Postcode Lottery.