Children and young people in Colombia make themselves heard with the help of Free Press Unlimited. Together with local organisations, Free Press Unlimited helps them to claim their place in the media so that their rights are not forgotten in this country where human rights are still violated all too often. This is very important when you grow up in a country where an armed conflict has been going on for decades.

Children and young people from all over Colombia learn journalistic techniques and skills. They also learn about children’s rights. Programmes by children, for children, that is the aim. It is the young reporters themselves who go out onto the streets asking questions. Through increased understanding of their rights, they are more capable of standing up for themselves. They come up with topics that are important to them and raise these themselves. And through smart use of different media, the reports these children make are spread all over the world. And when atrocities become known to the public, it becomes harder for those in power to shut their eyes. 

Positive example

These children do not avoid difficult subjects. Unlike the current media, they show that they and their peers are more than young offenders or victims. This way, their reports are an example to other media that often only portray children and young people in a negative way. To emphasise the importance of a different attitude towards children and young people, Free Press Unlimited monitors the way children and young people are portrayed in the Colombian media. We use the results of this annual study to confront the current media channels and to encourage them to be more aware of the image they create.