Together with its partners, Free Press Unlimited has developed various tools to keep media workers safe and make their work in challenging environments more efficient. The following tools have been developed.


The NetAidKit is a router that, just like a regular router, connects devices to the internet. The major difference is that the NetAidKit transmits all data of the user over a secured VPN connection or through the Tor network. This way journalists can circumvent online censorship and protect themselves against surveillance.

With the NetAidKit a provider can't see which website the user visits and has no access to the user data. Moreover, with the NetAidKit you can easily send all data of your devices through a secured connection. You can even make a secured connection a precondition: this way your devises can't connect to the internet, unless there is a secured connection.

The NetAidKit is for sale for everyone: The proceeds are used to provide journalists in distress with a free NetAidKit and for further development of the project.

Secure Whistleblowing Platforms

Digital surveillance technologies used by governments and criminals are a threat to press freedom and freedom of expression. Free Press Unlimited's leaking platform Publeaks allows whistleblowers and journalists to communicate privately, anonymously and safely.

The Publeaks technology improves security for journalists and their sources. Whistleblowers remain anonymous and choose which of the participating media and civil society organisations they wish to communicate their information to. After that, it is up to the receiving parties to undertake the important task of deciding on the relevance of tips and to verify the information. Stories will only be published after thorough research. This way, the public gets to hear about matters which the authorities, powerful business and criminal gangs want to keep under wraps.

Publeaks platforms are currently implemented in four countries: Mexico (Méxicoleaks), Nigeria (, Indonesia (Indonesialeaks) and the Netherlands (Publeaks NL). The Publeaks mission is to connect witnesses with the media, no matter who they are.

Useful safety tools & resources

Free Press Unlimited works together with other international organisations to make tools and resources available to media practitioners. Underneath you will find an overview of tools that Free Press Unlimited recommends to keep people safe.

  • The Tor project develops various tools to stay safe and secure online. Its most important product, the Tor browser, is an essential tool for media practitioners who wish to access the internet confidentially.
  • Psiphon is a Windows and Android application that connects users to a secure VPN server. This way, censorship can be circumvented and – in some cases - eavesdropping by malicious actors can be avoided.
  • Signal is a secure text messaging application for Android and Apple telephones. Signal encrypts all communication and does not log your data.
  • Jitsi is a secure (video) conferencing system that encrypts your connection and does not log any of your conversations.