Amongst others, these will be the speakers at Free Press Live 2018.

Martin Turček

Portrait of Martin TurcekMartin is the colleague of the murdered journalist Ján Kuciak and an investigative reporter from Slovakia. Martin and Ján wrote five investigative reports together on issues such as conflict of interest and fraud in connection to European funds received by politicians’ companies. After the death of Ján Kuciak, Martin continued the investigation and finished the report Jan had started.

Furthermore, Martin works for Aktuality where he is responsible for reporting on corruption and data-based analytical journalism.


Paul Caruana Galizia

Portrait of Paul Caruana GaliziaPaul is the youngest son of the assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

When living with his family on Malta, he was witness to the relentless harassment and intimidation his mother experienced: including death threats, arson, killing the family dogs and burning Daphne’s car. Even after Daphne’s tragic death the anonymous threats haven’t stopped.

Paul is a Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics, where he completed his PhD.


Jeroen Akkermans

Portrait of Jeroen AkkermansJeroen Akkermans is the colleague of Dutch cameraman Stan Storimans who was killed by cluster ammunition deployed by a Russian Iskander missile in 2008. Jeroen has been battling for justice for his colleague and the Georgian victims ever since, gathering evidence of Russian involvement and countering Russian disinformation about this warcrime. 

Currently Jeroen is a correspondent for the daily national news television programme ‘RTL4 Nieuws’, after a career with Super Channel News, European Business Today and Reuters TV. 


Paul Vugts

Portrait of Paul VugtsFor 21 years, Paul Vugts has been working as a renowned crime reporter for the Dutch newspaper ‘Het Parool’. The paper has its home base in Amsterdam. He is considered to be one of the most experienced journalists reporting on the gang wars that have been sweeping Amsterdam, and far beyond, for the last fifteen years. 

In October 2017, threats against his life were so serious that he was urged to go into hiding and to accept round-the-clock police protection. 



Stef Blok

Portrait of Stef BlokStef Blok is the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs. Operating in a government that in its coalition agreement has explicitly stated that safety of journalists in the Netherlands and abroad is a priority, Blok has on several occasions used strong language to defend safety for journalists publicly. He has expressed his concern over developments regarding free media in Hungary and Morocco, and regularly mentions the importance of a free press during official international visits. 

Free Press Unlimited is in a strategic partnership with the ministry to support the professionalisation of journalists and media-actors, so that they serve the interests of citizens and are able to act as a watchdog on their behalf. Safety of journalists is an important pillar within this partnership.


Moderator: Aldith Hunkar 

Portrait of Adith Hunkar, photo by Walter KallenbachAldith Hunkar is an experienced radio and television journalist with an extensive record as an anchor and reporter. Her career spans over more than two decades; from being involved in local radio to presenting the main news program on national television. She is fully skilled as a camera journalist during her time with the news department of the NOS, the Dutch national broadcaster.

Aldith has hosted many national events live on television and has conducted numerous interviews.