Tuesday, January 21, 2020
Free Press Unlimited’s partner satisfaction has increased in 2019, our annual survey has shown. Partners reported they particularly value the open relationship and support they receive.

Free Press Unlimited is active in over 30 countries worldwide to make unbiased information accessible to everyone. In those countries we work closely together with 67 local partner organisations. Every year since 2012 we evaluate how happy partners are about working with Free Press Unlimited by conducting a survey. What is going well and how can we do better?

Our partners are happy with their partnership with Free Press Unlimited. On a scale of -5 to 5, they gave an average score of 3.63 for general satisfaction, a slight improvement compared to 2018. The partners especially highlight the open relationship and the support they receive, also in critical times.

"A strong relationship with our partners is essential for us to achieve our goals, so of course we are very happy with the positive result," says Evaline Schot, a knowledge and quality officer at Free Press Unlimited.

Strong relationship and communications

In the annual survey, partners are asked to anonymously rate and comment on different aspects of their partnership with Free Press Unlimited. Partners are most satisfied with the relationship and communications aspect of the relationship. They call the project staff of Free Press Unlimited accessible and responsive, and see the communication as friendly, in mutual understanding, and respectful. One of the partners mentions: "It is very rare to find a funder who does it like Free Press Unlimited." Partners find Free Press Unlimited is unique in the genuine support and the commitment to true partnerships. The fact that Free Press Unlimited does not impose any decisions on partners is also appreciated.

Striving to be better

The main purpose of the survey is to see how we can improve. Although our partners gave a positive score on every aspect, there are a few points where we scored relatively low. There is some room for improvement in how we support our partners in capacity development, as well as the involvement of partners in strategic development.

Says Schot: "Our partners have posed some very useful requests for change, a great way for us to improve the partnerships even more in the coming year."