Thursday, March 12, 2020
Gender Equality Champions are a part of Free Press Unlimited’s Media4Women campaign. The Champions are those who are already working towards an inclusive and equal portrayal of women by the media. 

There are a lot of good initiatives when it comes to achieving gender equality in and throughout the media. The Gender Equality Champions highlight the positive change and results that are already happening. They show us that everyone can have an impact and contribute to change. Read their stories and get inspired to follow in their footsteps. 

Nanu Khadka

Nanu Khadka leads the gender media monitoring project by Nepalese organisation Freedom Forum, which focuses on freedom of expression and media issues. She investigates how the biggest national and local media portray women, and speaks with them about how to move towards greater gender equality.

Read the full story.


Wilton Castillo

As a photojournalist in El Salvador, Wilton Castillo is continuously making an effort to work towards more gender equality. In a society that struggles with high rates of domestic abuse, giving girls new ideas about who they can be empowers them to break through the cycle of violence. Read the full story and watch his video.


Yemisi Akinbobola

Yemisi Akinbobola is co-founder of African Women in the Media, a growing network that aims to inspire, support and empower African women working in the media worldwide. “In Nigeria we often see a representation of women in the media as victims of domestic violence and subordinates to men. It’s important to demonstrate that we are a lot more than that.” Read the full story and watch her video. 


Angela Henshall

Angela Henshall is one of the producers on The 50:50 Project, the BBC’s biggest collective action to increase women’s representation in content. "The media has a big role to play in terms of promoting gender equality. The images that everyone sees in front of them, whether that’s on social media or the news, have a significant impact on how you feel about the world and your place in it." Read the full story


Madeleijn van den Nieuwenhuizen 

With her popular media-critical Instagram account @zeikschrift, Madeleijn van den Nieuwenhuizen denounces gender stereotyping and inequality. In this way she shows that it is not about isolated incidents, but patterns. “There is a strong interaction between society and media.” Read the full story and watch her video.


Isabelle Diks

As a member of the Dutch parliament for GroenLinks, Isabelle Diks uses her position to promote better representation of women in the media; both in the Netherlands and abroad. “What we see a lot in the media and on television is that women are still portrayed in stereotypical ‘female’ roles when it comes to caregiving, or cooking meals.” Read the full story and watch her video.


Bahia Tahzib-Lie

As the Dutch Human Rights Ambassador, Bahia Tahzib-Lie promotes equal rights for women and girls, and stands for an inclusive, diverse media landscape. She believes the media can play an important role in achieving gender equality. “We all need role models, also in the media, to inspire and encourage us in our personal and professional development.” Read the full story and watch her video.


Campaign to challenge gender stereotypes

Media4Women (M4W) is a campaign by Free Press Unlimited and its partners. From March 1st till March 15th, (media)organisations and individuals all over the world highlight the importance of gender equality in and through the media. Furthermore the Media4Women campaign challenges gender stereotypes and strives to establish a more inclusive and equal portrayal of women in the media.