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Studio Free Press Matters is a weekly show broadcasted on our YouTube channel, in which we discuss the state of press freedom worldwide, and the work we do with more then 90 local media partners, to defend and promote press freedom and access to reliable information for everyone.

Season 3 - Episode 9: SPECIAL Young People and Mental Health in South Africa. A few weeks before we already discussed the project Free Press Unlimited has done with UNICEF concerning mental health of young people during the pandemic, but that time we focused on Ecuador. This time we re-visit the project to zoom in on South Africa. Moderated by Maya Muller, Tim Schoot Uiterkamp (Senior Knowledge & Quality Officer - Free Press Unlimited) and through zoom Naledi Mokgautsi (Researcher - Vuselela Media), talk about the outcomes of research done among South African youth about their mental health during Covid-19. 

Season 3 - Episode 8: Rebuilding Syrian independent mediaFive years ago the Ethical Journalism for Syrian Media programme started to help support the emerging Syrian media sector. Despite the violent conflict and the horrible conditions many great initiatives on the ground could survive and flourish. This programme helped these initiatives grow to keep providing Syrians with access to reliable information. Now, the programme has come to an end and Anu Nettar speaks in the studio with Free Press Unlimited's Chloe Agnello and Mona Abdelmaksoud about the impact of the programme.

Season 3 - Episode 7: Safety for journalists in The NetherlandsOn April 13, Free Press Unlimited presented the report 'Safety for Journalists in The Netherlands'. Flora Schulte Nordholt is the host of this episode in which Guusje Somer (Free Press Unlimited) and Laurens Hueting (ECPMF) explain the necessity of the report, and tell us more about the findings and recommendations.

Season 3 - Episode 6: Young people's mental health during Covid-19. Maya Muller has 3 guests in the studio to discuss the mental health of youth in the pandemic. Tim Schoot Uiterkamp (Free Press Unlimited) is in the studio presenting the UNICEF global research project that FPU is part of and works in México, Ecuador, Ukraine, South Africa. And via zoom 2 members of WADADA Ecuador who present methods and outcomes of their local research and news video productions: young researcher Amalia Arboleda, and Monica Maruri, Executive director IPANC. 

Season 3 - Episode 5: What can Europe do for media in Ukraine? In this episode host Anu Nettar speaks with Guusje Somer and Maryia Sadouskaya Komlach about the current situation for journalists in and around Ukraine and how Europe can support to keep independent and reliable information alive.

Season 3 - Episode 4: The information war in Russia. Hella Rottenberg (Journalist specialised in Russia) and Tamilla Imanova (Lawyer at Human Rights Center Memorial) talk about the information war that is having an impact on reliable information concerning Ukraine. Host: Maya Muller (Free Press Unlimited).

Season 3 - Episode 3: Media Lifeline Ukraine. Host Evelien Wijkstra speaks with journalist Maksym Eristavi from Ukraine and Free Press Unlimited's Jantine van Herwijnen about the war in Ukraine and the urgent support that independent news makers from that region need to keep on bringing reliable information. Therefore Free Press Unlimited started the Media Lifeline Ukraine alliance and in this episode all about this new and urgent initiative.

Season 3 - Episode 2: Women journalists reporting from crises. This episode is on the occasion of International Women’s Day. At this moment, hundreds of women journalists are reporting from the front lines in Ukraine. Risking their lives to provide us with reliable information. That is why this episode is dedicated to ‘women journalists reporting from crises’. With Cinthia Membreño, audience manager at media outlet Confidencial, Nicaragua, and Alina Radu, editor in chief at ZDG in Moldova. Host: Flora Schulte Nordholt.

Season 3

Season 3 - Episode 1: The impact of investigative journalism. In this episode, the importance of investigative journalism is discussed with Olivier van Beemen, investigative journalist and author of Heineken in Africa, Margo Smit the ombudsperson of all journalistic programmes, at Dutch public broadcaster NPO, and Anna Gielewska, vice-chairman of Warsaw-based Reporters Foundation, focusing on independent, investigative, cross-border journalism in Poland and Central Europe. Moderated by Maya Muller.

Season 2

March - November 2021. For all episodes, click below.

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