On a regular basis, Free Press Unlimited publishes the report Journalism in the making - analysing the content of emerging Syrian media. These quarterly reports describe how a number of emerging Syrian 'independent' media cover the conflict.

The aim of the report

Journalism in the making includes information on topics, sources, protagonists, and on how women are represented in the coverage. With these reports we want to inform academics, NGOs and policy-makers and create a better understanding of the production of Syrian emerging media, their challenges, and their strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, the reports are a useful, additional tool for journalists in order to improve the journalistic standards of a new generation of Syrian media born after 2011.

Methodology - media monitoring

The monitoring for the Journalism in the making reports is based on a methodology developed in collaboration with the Osservatorio di Pavia, an Italian organization with a strong tradition in monitoring media content. The pilot monitoring for this new methodology began in March 2017.


Cover-photo-report-Journalism-in-the-making Cover Journalism in the Making Q1 Arabic version    

Cover Journalism in the Making Q2 English version  Cover Journalism in the Making Q2 Arabic version

Cover Journalism in the Making Q3 English version Cover Journalism in the Making Q3 Arabic version