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Unmask the Truth

Support journalists worldwide. Support free press. Show your solidarity.

On 4 August 2020, the Free Press Unlimited solidarity campaign: #UnmaskTheTruth kicked off. By wearing special face masks we show our solidarity with all journalists put under pressure and obstructed through violence, censorship or prosecution.

After the global outbreak of Covid-19 we saw how the fight against the pandemic was increasingly being used by governments to silence journalists. That's why we launched the "Unmask the Truth" solidarity campaign. By designing and our own special face masks that called for "Stop Silencing Journalists" and "Expose the Truth," showing solidarity with all journalists who have been pressured and hindered by violence, censorship or persecution.

Journalists, media workers and citizens from all over the world joined the campaign by requesting one of our masks, taking a photo while wearing it and sharing the world. As Luka Khachidze, journalist from Tbilisi, Georgia, who said, "Journalists have the right to work freely, without a shadowy presence looking over their shoulder and tearing their words apart." All these photos were shared on our social media and added to our online Solidarity Wall. Since the campaign started, we have distributed more than 1,000 face masks to people who showed solidarity with journalists around the world.


Unmask the Truth

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