Free Press Unlimited is seeking to hire a Media and Editorial Coach to join the Syria team.

Free Press Unlimited based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands strongly believes that all people are entitled to have access to unbiased, reliable and timely information. This enables them to assess their own living conditions, influence these and make the right decisions. Press Freedom and Freedom of Information are vital for gathering and spreading reliable, unbiased information. Media plays a crucial role in providing people with free and unrestricted access to information that can help them develop and monitor the authorities. We want to make and keep objective news and information available to everyone, especially to people in countries without or with limited (press) freedom.

Objective of the Assignment

Free Press Unlimited is launching a Small Grant Fund for Syrian CSO-Media Co-Production Programme (or the Co-Production Fund) to bring together civil society organisations (CSOs) and media outlets (Mos). The goal of their collaboration is to produce and disseminate content that addresses diverse and impactful human rights-related topics of significant interest to larger Syrian population(s), both inside Syria and in diaspora.

Free Press Unlimited wants to invest in both media and CSOs since they both contribute to addressing the needs of Syrians and building social cohesion. The Co-Production Fund is not only focused on providing financial assistance, but also to support the organisation in developing joint media productions via a coaching/mentoring programme.

We are looking for a pro-active, professional and enthusiastic Media Coach to work remotely and guide the development of participating organizations in this project.


  • Provide project induction for each successful CSO/ Media applicant;
  • Prepare media tips pack;
  • Assist media applicants in the development of topics for media production;
  • Has a strong consideration for security and safety while working with the organizations, as well as sensitivities that may arise;
  • Submit own evaluation of applicant ability, performance, and ability to take on feedback;
  • Make a needs assessment of the candidates;
  • Provide each media participant with a weekly coaching session;
  • Advise and coach media and CSO on better collaboration during the production phase;
  • Submit weekly progress reports to CPF secretariat;
  • Liaise closely with CPF secretariat to ensure accurate, in-depth progress reporting, project monitoring and evaluation;
  • Report results of the Co-Production Fund Program, including recommendations.


  • Fluency in Arabic (reading and speaking) and English;
  • Relevant degree (media, communications, journalism etc);
  • 5+ years of experience in media production and editorial (online, print, radio, and video);
  • Clear evidence of strategic analysis, campaigns won, power built, creative actions delivered, and people developed;
  • Excellent coaching skills, not conflicting or confrontational;
  • Working experience in - and excellent understanding of Middle Eastern media;
  • Experience in mentoring and advising individuals and organizations;
  • Experience in in-depth/investigative journalism;
  • Professional skills in writing, interviewing, fact gathering and media production;
  • Understands and consistently applies coaching ethics and standards of coaching, demonstrating cultural, systemic, and contextual awareness;
  • Ability to be fully conscious and create spontaneous relationship with participants, employing a style that is open, flexible, and confident;
  • Demonstrable experience working on Syria and/or the Middle East;
  • Awareness of human rights-related issues in Syria and the Middle East.

What we offer:

We offer a freelance short-term contract, in a dynamic international environment with a competitive salary based on local (MENA) standards. Free Press Unlimited uses fair selection criteria based on equal opportunities.


If you are interested please send your motivation letter and CV (preferable in PDF-format) no later than January 3rd 2021 to

A screening and references are part of the application process.