Free Press Unlimited is currently seeking to hire a Senior all round media expert (online, print, radio, TV, production, editorial, leadership) for a Middle East project.

We are looking for a pro-active, professional and enthusiastic person who is familiar with the media sector in the Middle East. The work is partly done remotely, and partly through visits to the media outlets in the Middle East.

The media expert will, as part of the programme’s "coaching help desk", monitor the output of the beneficiaries, offer advice and intervene as necessary. The help desk will additionally support the beneficiaries with assessment and improvement of their internal editorial guidelines and their editorial work flow as well as strategy and development plans.

The seasoned all-round media coach on this project has long-term experience in journalism-production work flow, but has also demonstrated editorial leadership skills. The expert must engage with each media partner as member of the team and offer advice in a friendly and constructive manner. Participating in the authoring and editing of content monitoring reports also belongs to the expert's tasks. The expert will also coordinate with the programme management team and report any emergent and foreseeable difficulties and discuss courses of action.


  • Build and maintain relationship and trust with each media partner and trainee;
  • shadow partner's editorial meetings/production process to stimulate and support story lines and ideas;
  • produce monthly update reports on progress of mentoring activities and weekly team meeting reports by phone/Skype;
  • consult and share recommendations regularly with the Coordination team of Free Press Unlimited;
  • support the editorial teams in maintaining a critical view on one's work vis-a-vis the agreed ethical principles and style books;
  • monitor the partners' output and provide feedback and advice to help improve their quality;
  • perform periodical full reviews of the beneficiaries and note progress and difficulties;
  • assist beneficiaries in resolving any journalism-related issue at their request;
  • expand the impact of the journalism training through mentoring attendees while implementing what they have learned;
  • deliver journalistic training sessions;
  • anticipate possible obstacles and find timely solutions;
  • offer (hands-on) creative input in the editorial/production process (text/editing, photography, visuals, formats/lay-out, genre, audio packaging, sound editing etc.);
  • advise on learning development plans.


  • Degree in media or related subject;
  • Five years minimum experience as a journalist;
  • Five years experience in editorial production and leadership;
  • excellent coaching skills, not conflicting or confrontational;
  • working experience in - and excellent understanding of Middle Eastern media;
  • experience in mentoring and advising individuals and organisations;
  • experience in designing journalism-related courses and seminars; 
  • experience in delivering training;
  • proven coaching records methodology and result-oriented strategy;
  • fluency in Arabic and English.

About us

Free Press Unlimited strongly believes that all people are entitled to have access to unbiased, reliable and timely information. This enables them to assess their own living conditions, influence these and make the right decisions.

Press Freedom and Freedom of Information are vital for gathering and spreading reliable, unbiased information. Media play a crucial role in providing people free and unrestricted access to information that can help them develop and monitor the authorities. We want to make and keep objective news and information available to everyone, especially to people in countries without or with limited (press) freedom.

By supporting media professionals and journalists, we want to help people gain and keep access to the information they need to survive and develop.

We offer:

Free Press Unlimited is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We offer a full time output-based freelance contract, in a dynamic working environment with international colleagues. Free Press Unlimited uses fair selection criteria based on equal opportunities.


If you are interested please send your motivation letter and CV (preferable in PDF-format) no later than March 15th 2020, to vacanciesejsm[at]