With your support, we rehabilitated eleven community radio stations in the Central African Republic in 2016. So that in 2017 journalists are able to continue to provide independent news. And more citizens in this country are free to speak up. Read more about what we have achieved together in 2016:

  • The NetAidKit has been launched in 2016. The NetAidKit won first place in 2 out of 3 categories at the Internet Freedom Festival technology show in Valencia. With the NetAidKit, Free Press Unlimited makes it easier for journalists to use existing and freely available ways to use the internet safely.
  • In coorperation with Freedom House, we launched an animation on World Press Freedom Day, May 3rd that visualizes the Freedom of the Press report 2015. During World Press Freedom Day, we celebrated press freedom, but we also analysed the freedom of speech critically.
  • The fellowship program “Youth Women in Community Media and Journalism” received the UN World Summit on Information Society Prize 2016 for Media. Thanks to the program, 59 women from rural parts of Bangladesh were trained to become journalists over the past two years. According to the jury, the project has contributed significantly to the empowerment of women in Bangladesh. 
UN award for fellowship program in Bangladesh
  • The Dutch Postcode Lottery extended their support to Free Press Unlimited for five more years. And the Dutch Postcode Lottery Fund for Journalists got expanded in 2016, with extra capacity for investigative journalism. Up to five times a year, higher subsidies are granted for investigative reports with a focus on girls and women's rights. 
  • New WADADA News for Kids programs Reporter Rá Teen Bum and Vientos, Noticias que vuelan were launched in Brazil and Mexcio. The WADADA News for Kids audience award 2016 went to Hagamos Click in Ecuador. Their video tells the story of Anahí, a 10 year old girl who recycles garbage. 
  • To help local journalists protect themselves while covering the offensive against ISIS in Mosul, we supported medical safety training courses in Erbil, organized by War Zone Freelance Project. Local freelance journalists and fixers were trained in combat medical safety and battlefield awareness education preparing them to save lives at the frontlines. 
Medical safety training for journalists in Iraq
  • On November 2nd, the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists, Free Press Unlimited hosted Free Press Live 2016 - stand up for journalists and justice. During this day journalists, legislators and policy makers discussed the increasing violence against journalists. We also honored three courageous journalists with a Free Press Award.

We wish you a FREE 2017