Free Press Unlimited supports media (organisations) that actively involve young people. Only when young people’s opinions and ideas are heard, when they can stand up for their rights and participate in society, can they have a real say in their own future.

Journalism training gives a voice to young people in Tunisia

Young people are barely visible in traditional Tunisian media. This means they have little say in their future. Free Press Unlimited supports Jaridaty, a network of young, local citizen journalists who report on topics relevant to them. The young people make radio and are trained in creating catchy videos. These will be shown in a weekly programme on national television: Lokhrine. 

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Fewer child marriages due to radio soap in Nepal

With support from Free Press Unlimited, Nepal’s NEFEJ/CRSC  produces the radio soap, Mitini, broadcast by more than 100 local radio stations.

The soap follows the daily life of a Nepalese girl. Topics covered are a marriage at a young age, the benefits of education and conversations between young people and parents (in-law). In addition to young people, the soap also informs their parents in an accessible way and therefore offers a way of entering the conversation about the country’s own situation and girls’ rights.  

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