Young people must learn to critically examine what they see, learn to understand why certain reports are broadcast and how media work, in print, on television and online. Free Press Unlimited trains young people in media literacy. We teach young people how media and journalism work, but also how to act responsibly with the information they send and receive.

Research and hackathons in South Africa, Mexico and the Netherlands

Free Press Unlimited introduced Keeping It Real to teach young people all over the world how to deal with online information. The project began with research into the way in which thirteen year olds in South Africa, Mexico and the Netherlands assess the information they encounter on social media. Then Free Press Unlimited organised hackathons where young people, supported by experts, developed innovative ideas for programmes that promote media literacy.  

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Schoolchildren in Bangladesh learn how the media work

In the capital, Dhaka, Free Press Unlimited’s partner SACMID introduced media lessons. High school students learned what to look out for so they can distinguish facts from fake news and propaganda and how to find information that is important to them online. The young people also learned, by playing the role of journalists, how financial interests of media owners can influence news coverage.