Advocacy for Media Short Learning Programme: Call for Expression of Interest


Free Press Unlimited offers a development opportunity for future professional ‘Syrian Advocates for media’. Take this opportunity to speak up and bring ideas and the needs of your ‘media’ community to the forefront.

Initiative for emerging professional Syrian advocates for media

Through this new pilot development program, you can join an advocacy task force that learns, discusses and plans advocacy actions for Syrian media issues at stake. ‘Advocates for media’ are needed to protect freedom of the press, independent media, and to promote solutions that the audiences ask for. We would like to contribute to giving more agency to advocates for media by piloting a ‘short advocacy for media learning’ programme.

This free training opportunity aims to strengthen skills, or bring those skills to the next level. Through online sessions and coaching, you will gain further insights on how you can hold ‘effective’ advocacy activities; learn how to identify and strategise issues; have creative approach for advocacy initiatives. This is also a chance to develop the idea you always wanted to realise or you are working on currently. In this short course you will receive input, advice. You will exchange ideas with your peers and learn how to use various tools.

Take this opportunity to speak up and bring ideas and the needs of your ‘media’ community(ies) to the forefront. Register here.

What the Advocacy for Media learning Programme offers

  • A free personal professional development opportunity to learn or to improve your advocacy knowledge and your advocacy skills
  • Advice and coaching to bring your advocacy ideas to action of quality
  • Increased advocacy leadership skills and communication abilities
  • An opportunity to join an advocacy task force to co-plan advocacy actions
  • Strategic insight and effective tools
  • Insights into local, regional and international media policy framework
  • Expand your network and receive peer review
  • Added value and experience to your work and/or bring your knowledge back to your organisation
  • A certificate is awarded only to successful completion and commitment to the full short learning programme

The key training elements of the programme include

  • Theoretical introduction Advocacy for Media
  • Advocacy Strategic planning
  • Advocacy for Media interventions
  • Skills and tools for Advocacy for Media


  • Application: until 10 May
  • Selection of participants: May
  • Training sessions and assignments: June
  • Campaign development: July
  • Round up, evaluation and certificate: July

Criteria of eligibility

  • You have an interest/ambition in advocacy-related topics
  • You should be a Syrian professional in media or CSOs
  • You are available to meet at least twice a month, for 3 months
  • You are fully available and committed to follow the advocacy training (3 online sessions a day for 4 training days + at least 2 coaching calls). Attendance compulsory.
  • You speak both Arabic and English ( for those that do not speak English, trainers use bilingual material and help as much as possible - attendees work in pairs)
  • You have developed communication skills (written and oral) as a public speaker or to convey a strong message
  • You have access to internet
  • You are available to set aside some days for study or reading of policy documents (e.g: 2 days a month)
  • You have a curious and critical mind, have a priority to defend human rights, and is open to work with others who have diverse backgrounds and professionally discuss controversial issues
  • You have an advantage if:
    • You have already worked in advocacy or have been part of some activities
    • You have abilities in one or more of these fields: human right/media policy analysis, writing of communication material, networking, contact with local, and/or regional, and/or international organizations.

How to apply


Free Press Unlimited values inclusion, diversity and equality. We encourage Syrian women to apply. We also encourage Syrians wherever they operate as the program is offered online.


Photo: "syria" by ewixx is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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