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We need your help. There are many ways how you can show us your support, so we can stand up for press freedom together.
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As a Friend of Free Press Unlimited you are providing a direct contribution towards press freedom, the support of journalists in need, putting press freedom on the political agenda, and inclusiveness in the media.
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Support us with a tax-free donation

Consider making your structural donation to Free Press Unlimited tax-free.
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Major donations & legacy giving

We can do a lot of work in a short time with large donations, consider making a major donation. And If you want your legacy to live on you can leave Free Press Unlimited in your will.

Organise your own support activity

Do you want to draw attention to the importance of freedom of the press in a special way and at the same time raise money for the projects of Free Press Unlimited? That's great! We have listed a number of options for you.

Become a corporate sponsor

Would you like to sponsor a good cause with your colleagues? Or are you looking for a meaningful interpretation of your company's CSR policy? As a company, you are committed to providing emergency aid to journalists, independent media in war zones and freedom of expression.

Join our campaigns

With our global campaigns we try to encourage people to join us and stand up for press freedom.

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