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Would you like to sponsor a good cause with your colleagues? Or are you looking for a meaningful interpretation of your company's CSR policy? As a company, you can contribute to strengthening press freedom, providing emergency aid to journalists, and improving access to information.

Support as a corporate sponsor

As a business sponsor of Free Press Unlimited, you support an organisation that offers millions of people worldwide access to independent information from Amsterdam. Personal contact with our corporate sponsors is paramount. You will be involved in our activities and will of course be proudly mentioned on our website. Free Press Unlimited offers you various options for shaping your CSR policy as a team or company and contributing directly to freedom of the press.

“It sometimes grips you, the injustice of how regimes now operate to silence people, and how systematically and on a large scale that is done. And now journalists are also a prime target. When I see what you are doing in all those different countries, I think it's very nice work. What particularly appeals to me are the stories of people with incredible courage in these kinds of situations. I find that unimaginable that people still continue with their work, while they are in danger for their position or even their lives.

I also don't want to leave it at a one-off contribution, but continue with this. That way I can still make a small contribution. I am not an activist myself, but this way I still contribute something with a donation.” Paul Nijhuis, owner Merlotte Holding B.V.

Donate directly

You can be an official company sponsor of Free Press Unlimited for a fixed amount yearly. Thanks to donations from our corporate sponsors, we ensure, among other things:

  • The support of journalists in need.
  • Putting press freedom on the political agenda.
  • More access to reliable information.

Do you want to donate an amount directly to our projects and thus contribute to the improvement of press freedom worldwide? Discuss the possibilities to support us financially as a company, fill in the donation form directly or simply donate with a Tikkie.

Supporting in other ways

Would you rather donate a percentage of the profit to Free Press Unlimited or contribute in kind, for example by sponsoring equipment? That is also possible!

Do you have any questions about what you can do as a company to help press freedom and support Free Press Unlimited? Please contact us!

Email: info [at]
Telephone: +31 20 8000 400

These companies preceded you

  • Free Press Unlimited gets to use PR Dashboard's smart PR software free of charge. Thanks to their support, we can easily send press releases to Dutch journalists, making our work known among a larger audience.
  • Stibo DXis an international software company from Denmark that develops and delivers multichannel content and digital asset management systems to media and brand publishers. They donate for press freedom as an incentive for their customers. 
  • Strange Brew Strategies, a San Francisco based PR company of strategists and free thinkers that find unconventional paths to success, generously donated towards our work in Ukraine.
  • Merlotte Holding B.V., an independently operating investor in commercial real estate, founded in 1997.
  • The Soepfonds is a bread fund, a collective provision for incapacity for work among self-employed entrepreneurs. The group of 50 journalists, media makers and artists of the Soepfonds not only support each other financially in the event of illness, but also bring soup to the sick. When recently there was unexpected surplus of money in the joint account, the Soepfonds decided to donate this to Free Press Unlimited, as a statement of support for fellow journalists, media makers and artists in unsafe countries.
  • In response to the Russian invasion in Ukraine, Free Press Unlimited organised a crisis meeting on 4 March 2022 in Amsterdam to bring together journalists, media experts, involved organisations and others, to discuss how we can provide long term support for independent media outlets and journalists in Ukraine. This is where Media Lifeline Ukraine was introduced. This initiative was supported by 30 organisations, including the Dutch Association of JournalistsFinancieel DagbladRotary Club NieuwspoortMuseum of WW2 ResistanceBeeld en Geluid Den Haag and the European Press Prize.
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