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Do you want to draw attention to the importance of press freedom in a special way and at the same time raise money for the projects of Free Press Unlimited? You could become our ambassador! We have listed a number of options for you. If you have a good idea yourself, we would of course also like to hear from you.

How can I contribute?

Raise money by organising a debate or lecture on the importance of press freedom. Are you having a birthday or celebrating an anniversary soon? Are you taking on a sporting challenge or are you taking action with your school? By creating your own fundraising page, you can easily get sponsored for Free Press Unlimited.

Do you have another good idea or would you like to receive promotional material for your guests or sponsors? If so, please contact Janine van Doorn.
E-mail: jvandoorn[at]freepressunlimited.org
Telefoon: +31 20 8000 413 | +31 6 821 280 36 


  • The ANP (Dutch press agency) holds, like us, reliable news in high regard and chose to make a Christmas donation of €5,000 to Free Press Unlimited in 2022, instead of giving a Christmas gift to its customers. The ANP's involvement remains, as in 2024, staff were allowed to choose via a poll to whom the deposit from the cans from the vending machine would be donated. Unanimously, the ANP chose Free Press Unlimited. We already received €475.80 and the campaign continues!
  • One of our donors requested ‘gifts’ for Free Press Unlimited on the occasion of her retirement as a professor. Her guests collectively donated €1,252 and she decided to double this amount herself, resulting in a fantastic €2,504.
  • Kees Buist has not only signed up as an ambassador for Free Press Unlimited, allowing him to actively work for press freedom in his own community, he also doubled the amount raised in honour of his 70th birthday. Resulting in a magnificent donation of €474.
  • A legislative lawyer held a fundraiser among invited guests in honour of his retirement. With an online payment link created especially for him, he raised €500 for press freedom.
  • The members of Study Association Off-Screen of Media Studies at the UvA raised an impressive amount of € 1.130,10 during their online charity event. 
  • Dutch donor Menno Harkema has contributed to the mission of Free Press Unlimited in a unique way. Reliable information for everyone starts at the journalist and proper equipment is essential. With his generous donation of a complete camera set we can help a journalist get back on track.
  • A generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous has given a training at ERLY's Public Academy, an agency that provides training for civil society commissioners and administrators. He has requested a donation from Free Press Unlimited for this training. Public Academy has transferred a wonderful donation to us! 

Donate directly

Would you prefer to donate directly or become a friend of Free Press Unlimited? That's possible of course. Visit our donation page

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