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After the invasion of Russia, the local media have great difficulty doing their job. This puts independent reporting in grave danger. While reliable information is life-saving! That's why we introduced the Media Lifeline Ukraine: a coalition to protect journalists and keep reliable information available in and around Ukraine.

The coalition will work to provide this and other aid in the short and long term, in order to keep independent reporting alive in a possibly occupied Ukraine.

"We're deeply grateful to the reporters who are risking their lives to bring on the ground, real time information on the crisis." Strange Brew Strategies, San Francisco

With the help of donors, we can continue our contribution to independent reporting in Ukraine.

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What is needed?

There is a great need for acute practical support and help for the longer term. This includes equipment and protection materials to continue reporting during the conflict, VPN codes to ensure digital security, and the setting up of media hubs in Ukraine itself and in neighboring countries where journalists can gather in relative safety to to do work.

More information?

Read more in our dossier on Ukraine

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