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Legacies and tax-free donating

Do you stand for freedom of the press and freedom of expression? Consider making your structural donation to Free Press Unlimited tax-free, making a major donation in the form of a private fund in your name or leaving Free Press Unlimited in your will. Free Press Unlimited has the Dutch ANBI status.

With your structural donation to Free Press Unlimited for five years or more you will  substantially help with the work of Free Press Unlimited and you can fully deduct your donation from the tax, when you are paying taxes in the Netherlands. A tax-free donation may sound complicated, but it is very easy. You can make your fixed donation to Free Press Unlimited quickly and fully deductible by committing an amount for five years or longer. Thanks to the relaxed rules for tax-free donations to charities, there is no longer a notarial deed to be drawn up. That saves Free Press Unlimited money and you get part of your donation back.

If your want to donate tax-free, you should know this: 

  • A fixed amount of donations per year, committed for a period of five years or longer, is called a donation.
  • The amount you get back from the tax authorities depends on your income and age.

 N.B. Regular donations are also deductible, but a threshold and maximum apply. 

Donate with a tax benefit? Simply register your donation for five years or longer via our form. With that you help freedom of the press worldwide and your own wallet! Use our form behind the button below, or contact us for more information.


Legacy giving

Let your ideals live on!

Your legacy ensures that your ideals live on. Choose to include one or more charities in your will in addition to your loved ones. Leaving to Free Press Unlimited is easy to arrange.

What you need to know?

  • If you are considering including Free Press Unlimited as a charity in your will, you can arrange this via the notary.
  • You can choose an inheritance or a legacy.
  • In the event of an inheritance, Free Press Unlimited is made an heir.
  • A bequest is a donation of a fixed amount.
  • In both cases, the donation is 100% tax-free.

What do we do with your legacy? With your legacy we ensure freedom of the press and freedom of expression. We support journalists in need. For example, we also set up radio stations in conflict areas, we train journalists, we work specifically on gender equality in the media and we protect whistleblowers. In this way, together with you, we ensure that future generations also have access to reliable information. Information that everyone needs to be able to assess and influence his or her own situation.

Major Donations

We can do a lot of work in a short time with large donations. Generous donations are very important to Free Press Unlimited to continue our work.

What can we do with your large donation?

  • From € 1,000 in donations we purchase laptops or cameras for two journalists who have been robbed of their belongings. This way they can continue their important work.
  • For € 10,000 we assist journalists with legal aid when their government tries to silence them by burying them in legal indictments.
  • € 100,000 is the amount we use to start a completely new multi-yearlong media-literacy project for the youth in a country with limited press freedom.

Of course there are many more destinations for donations in addition to the above examples. You will find more examples in our annual report. Do you want to make a large donation? Are you considering a large donation to help make our work for freedom of the press and human rights possible? Thank you!

You can contact our fundraising officer to discuss the possibilities.

Do you have questions about donating to Free Press Unlimited? Please contact Janine van Doorn:

Email: jvandoorn[at]
Telephone: +31 20 8000 400 | +31 6 821 280 36 

IBAN: NL92 INGB 000 000 7676
RSIN number: 850683476


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