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Do you want to draw attention to the importance of freedom of the press in a special way and at the same time raise money for the projects of Free Press Unlimited? You could become our ambassador! We have listed a number of options for you. If you have a good idea yourself, we would of course also like to hear from you.

How can I contribute?Tshirt

  • Organize a debate or lecture on the importance of press freedom and raise money. You can easily start your own fundraiser through this website.
  • Is it your birthday or are you celebrating an anniversary soon? Ask for donations using our information package
  • Are you organizing a different kind of event? Invite us!
  • Sell our amazing Free Press Unlimited merchandise.

Do you have another great idea? Then contact us! Who knows, we can help you.


  • The members of Study Association Off-Screen of Media Studies at the UvA raised an impressive amount of € 1.130,10 during their online charity event. We are very happy with this and will spend every penny well!
  • Dutch donor Menno Harkema has contributed to the mission of Free Press Unlimited in a unique way. Reliable information for everyone starts at the journalist and what is a journalist without proper equipment? With his generous donation of a complete camera set, we can help a journalist from one of our focus countries get back on track.
  • A generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous has trained at ERLY's Public Academy, an agency that provides training for civil society commissioners and administrators. He has requested a donation from Free Press Unlimited for this training. Public Academy has transferred a nice amount to us! This amount will benefit our mission, many thanks to our donor and Public Academy.

Donate directly

Would you prefer to donate directly or become a friend of Free Press Unlimited? That's possible of course. Visit our donation page


Do you want to request the information package, have you already collected money or do you have a question?

Please contact Janine van Doorn.
Telephone: +31 20 8000 400 | +31 6 821 280 36 


Foto: Irina Raiu

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