The Directory of European Journalism Networks is now online

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Free Press Unlimited launches a database of European collaborative journalism networks, featuring over 40 network profiles and search filters built with feedback from journalists.

The Directory of European Journalism Networks is a live, searchable and growing database of journalism groups and collectives focused on collaboration in the European space. You can now discover the profiles of over 40 networks showcasing their history and projects, and you can search through the listings using search filters developed with feedback from the networks.

Through this ‘’network of networks’’, Free Press Unlimited promotes universal standards of journalistic practices and stimulates professional trust-based cooperation, including on timely topics of public interest, such as climate change, migration and public health.

How to use the Directory

Are you a journalist working on a pan-European project and need a partner to compare public health programmes in your regions, or you need climate policy expertise in a neighbouring country? You can search through networks of journalists based on their specialisms and locations.

Are you working on a complex project and you’d like to organise a community event to connect with the public or bring your cross-border team members together? Need a project manager’s help? You can also search based on skills, including non-editorial expertise such as event organisation, project management and social media to find new partners or connect to similar networks and see how they do it, as interdisciplinary collaboration adds a valuable dimension to journalistic projects.

If you’re a journalism student or academic and want to learn more about the collaborative journalism space in general, you can search through networks based on their size, their member composition (staff or freelancers, for example), or whether their focus is regional, European or international.

Each network profile was submitted by a network representative through our registration form, and was edited by our directory editor before publication.

If you are part of a network, however large or informal, we invite you to register to the directory through this registration form.

Accompanying the Directory is a series of in-depth interviews with founders or network managers of several of the featured networks, unpacking their realities in their day to day work.

Live meet up

A core group of the networks registered in the Directory are coming together on February 14 in The Hague, at the first meeting of the E3J network. This event brings together both experienced and newer journalism networks in the European space to learn from each other, exploring the benefits of a community of practice for network managers and organisers in the journalism ecosystem.

The event will formally mark the launch of the Directory of European Journalism Networks as well as present some of the other achievements of the European Excellence Exchange in Journalism project, under which the Directory was developed with funding from the European Union.

The European Excellence Exchange in Journalism (E³J) is a space to accelerate collaboration of journalists across borders.

Would you like more information?

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E³J is carried out by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) in partnership with Free Press Unlimited (FPU), the Permanent Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators (COPEAM), Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE) and the Community Media Institute for Continuing Education, Research and Consulting (COMMIT).

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