Media4Women 2023: the impact of online harassment on women journalists

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Media4Women (M4W) is a global campaign of Free Press Unlimited and partners which highlights the importance of gender equality in and through the media. Each year the campaign has a different theme. This year we focus on the impact of online harassment on women journalists.

Why Media4Women matters

Worldwide, gender inequality is perpetuated by the under-representation and misrepresentation of women in the media. Women are far less visible on television, radio, online and in newspapers than men, with fewer of their stories told. With our partners, Free Press Unlimited stands up for a more inclusive and equal portrayal of women in the media by launching the Media4Women campaign each year since 2017. 

Theme of Media4Women 2023 

Starting March 7th till March 9th, (media) organisations from all over the world will campaign with us to bring awareness on the Impact of online harassment on women journalists.

While many journalists may experience (online) harassment, women journalists are more likely to become victims of it than men journalists. The violence they experience is gender-based. This means it is sexist and misogynistic.

This type of (online) harassment against women journalists can result in self-censorship, which means that essential information cannot reach the wider public. One in three women journalists even considers leaving the profession because of online harassment.

Our mission is to create a safe environment for all women in the media. For this to be realised, three things must be achieved:

  • Newsrooms must protect and support their female staff;
  • Social media platforms must foster greater accountability;
  • Policy makers must implement better regulations to address online violence.               

And lastly, we need YOUR solidarity! Be an ally to women journalists who face online violence and speak up!

End online violence against women journalists


Become part of this movement!

Together we need to set an example for current and future generations! Join the Media4Women 2023 campaign and contribute to a safer work environment for women in the media, both online and offline. 

How can you participate? 

Speak up on social media and start the conversation! We have created several social media cards that you can use.  

Go to the social cards

Also watch our explainer video in which we elaborate on the subject of Media4Women 2023:

Find the explainer video on our socials and share it to spread awareness! And when you share something about Media4Women 2023, be sure to use these hashtags as shown below.

Main hashtags:

#M4W2023 and/or #Media4Women

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On 8 March (International Women’s Day) you can also use the additional hashtags:



Bring awareness to the impact of online harassment many women journalists face by sharing on social media. Join the movement! 

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