In Memoriam - Dr Khatoun Khalil Haidar

In memoriam Khatoun Haidar

We have received devastating and unexpected news that we have lost our partner, colleague and friend Khatoun Haidar. Khatoun was a free spirit, known for her dedication to human rights, her activism for women's rights, individual freedoms, social justice, love and so much more, as she would say so herself.

Her belief that people can make a change in the world was genuine. Her free thinking was inspiring to so many people. She had a very unique professional background in venture capital, Gender PhD studies, Middle East politics. She was a co-founder and president of Synergy-Takamol which helps serve institutional development and the best interests for civil society.

We have been grateful to know and partner with Khatoun for more than 10 years, where she has played an incredible role in building the capacities, strength and skills of media organisations. She was a role model upholding ethical principles, good governance and due diligence - all of which are part of helping media organisations to operate professionally and sustainably. Her generosity, positive and rebellious soul has broken many barriers and helped to lift up many people along her path. She will be greatly missed.

While the news of her passing has shocked us all, we wish to remember how she has warmed the hearts and minds of many, which carries on forever.

Her soul rests in peace. 

Ruth Kronenburg, director Free Press Unlimited and Syria team.

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