The ruling of the International Court of Justice and safety for journalists

The International Court of Justice
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Last Friday, on the request of South Africa, the International Court of Justice ordered provisional measures to the State of Israel to prevent acts of genocide and ensure humanitarian access to the population of Gaza. It also urged Hamas and other armed Palestinian groups to release all remaining civilian hostages. The Court requested Israel to prevent and punish direct and public incitement to commit genocide, as well as preventing the destruction and ensuring the preservation of evidence relating to allegations of genocidal acts.

Journalists are playing an essential role in the documentation of war crimes and to provide reliable and independent news to counter hate speech and disinformation. They must be protected as per international law. It is also essential that Israel allows foreign journalists to enter into the Gaza Strip in order to report about the consequences of the war.

Even if a suspension of military operations has not been ordered, the Court stated that it has jurisdiction to judge the case, illustrating the crucial role of international law in preventing genocide and protecting all victims of atrocities. This protection also includes journalists.

Free Press Unlimited believes that an immediate #ceasefire is critical to prevent further civilian suffering, and is the most effective way to guarantee the safety of journalists working in Gaza, implement the Court's provisional measures and prevent genocide.

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