Studio Free Press Matters: a conversation with Khalil Danish on his escape from Afghanistan

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In the weeks following the fall of Kabul, the crisis team of Free Press Unlimited has day in and day out been busy with the security of journalists in Afghanistan. The official evacuation has now ended, but we remain in contact with journalists and media workers who have stayed behind and we are working to keep them safe. 

So far, Free Press Unlimited has re-located 47 Afghan journalists to safehouses, and 27 journalists and their families have been evacuated, because their lives were in serious danger.

Khalil Danish is one of the Afghan media workers that Free Press Unlimited supported to flea the country after the Taliban took over power. He came to the Free Press Unlimited studio to share his story. Antonia Mednansky is the second guest. She is part of Free Press Unlimited's Reporters Respond team that is working on giving emergency assistance. The host is Free Press Unlimited's Flora Schulte Nordholt.

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