Syrian Media and Civil Society for Change- announcing the winners!

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In February 2021, Free Press Unlimited (FPU) launched its call for expressions of interest in its Syria Co-Production Fund. Now we are delighted to announce the winners!

Collaboration between media and civil society organisations can be hugely beneficial to both. CSO activities can provide media with opportunities to make abstract topics more accessible and newsworthy, and CSOs can support media reporting with expert research and opinion. Media can offer CSOs a powerful outreach platform and can help transform isolated CSO advocacy efforts into a prominent campaign that engage citizens across geographies and political lines. Most importantly, the collaboration can be very effective in promoting critical reform agendas and policy change, bringing decision makers closer to the realities in Syria.

In February 2021, Free Press Unlimited launched its call for expressions of interest in its Syria Co-Production Fund. The project was launched in 2018 with the aim of bringing Syrian media outlets and civil society organisations together to produce quality reporting.

Representation from all over Syria

This year nine partnerships were formed, representing Syrians from all areas of the country and in diaspora, and covering a diversity of topics related to Rehabilitation and Rebuilding. Through these collaborations, Free Press Unlimited aims to encourage media advocacy initiatives that promote positive, sustainable improvement to the human rights and living conditions of Syrians across geographies.

Participants cooperated on developing and producing their ideas, with the support of Free Press Unlimited coaches and financial support to cover production costs.

Free Press Unlimited would also like to extend a special congratulations to Syria Direct and a local Syrian CSO, winners of the 5,000 Euro First Prize with their video, photo expose, and written report (also available in Arabic) on Reconstruction of the Bridges of Raqqa. In second place, Journalists for Human Rights and Ain Platform shed light on violations of housing, land, and property rights with an impressive portfolio of articles, videos, legal briefings, and infographics, while in third place Enab Baladi and Violet with their submissions on the revival of theatre in Idlib.

Ahrar Hawran and Olive Branch were also recognised for their extensive and extraordinary efforts, which shone a light on unreported challenges to reconstruction in southern Syria.

Free Press Unlimited congratulates all participants in the competition for their superb efforts and we are looking forward to launching the next round later this year!

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