Marielle van Uitert: Chora
Contribute to the safety of journalists!

Free Press Auction for press freedom

Free Press Unlimited organised an online auction for press freedom with specially selected works by internationally renowned press photographers. Works of Ad van Denderen, Bert Verhoeff and Marielle van Uitert among others, were auctioned off with signature. The auction closed on 5 December, and resulted in the amazing amount of 10,305 euros raised for press freedom!

The Free Press Auction is an auction for press freedom and safety of journalists worldwide. By bidding on and buying the beautiful and signed images, made in countries where Free Press Unlimited works, people could contribute to a good cause.

Everyone has the right to access independent, reliable and relevant information. Free Press Unlimited is active worldwide to make this possible. For this, freedom of the press and the safety of journalists are indispensable. That is why Free Press Unlimited supports local media professionals and journalists to do their work safely.

Online auction through Catawiki

The auction took place on Catawiki, the online auction site for special objects in Europe.

Participating photographers were:

  • Marielle van Uitert: multiple winner of a Zilveren Camera and nominated for the Sony World Photography Awards
  • Bert Verhoeff: winner of a Zilveren Camera and named photojournalist of the year
  • Ilvy Njiokiktjien: multiple winner of a Zilveren Camera and Photographer Laureate 2013
  • Petterik Wiggers: winner of a Zilveren Camera and living and working in Addis Ababa for more than 20 years and has been published in, among others, Time, The New York Times and The Guardian
  • Teun Voeten: multiple winner of a Zilveren Camera and known for his disappearance in Sierra Leone
  • Ad van Denderen: multiple winner of a Zilveren Camera and winner of the Dick Scherpenzeel Press Prize. Exhibited in and purchased by museums worldwide
  • Sanne Derks: winner of a Zilveren Camera and chosen as one of the participants of the Visa Pour l'Image photo festival
  • Ton Toemen: working as a press photographer since 1993 and frequently published in Dutch and international newspapers and magazines
  • Paul Teixeira: working as a press photographer since 1980 and frequently published in Dutch and international newspapers and magazines
  • Soraya Ebrahimi: Iranian-Dutch photographer. She portrays untold stories through her photographs. Stories that often contradict stereotypes in the Dutch multicultural society
  • Ton Koene: photographer, illustrator and filmmaker. Winner of a Silver Camera and World Press Award
  • Jet Budelman: working as a photojournalist since 1994 with a focus on socio-political topics. Frequently published in Dutch and international newspapers and magazines
  • Eric Brinkhorst: more than 30 years working as a photojournalist, specialized in photos taken with a drone.
  • Paul Enkelaar: documentary maker, photographer and cameraman. Made films for Free Press Unlimited in Turkey, Peru, Bangladesh, Brazil, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine
  • Popel Coumou: Artist-photographer, plays with the most important elements of photography in her work: light, paper and the perception of reality. Exhibited in the Photo Museum The Hague
  • Sander Stoepker: has a preference for portraits and reports. In 2011 he made the series Hoofdboek: about 1 woman, 100 headscarves
  • Joost Bastmeijer: award-winning photojournalist and Africa correspondent. From Nairobi, Kenya, he works for Dutch and international media.


Missed the auction?

Not to worry! There will be another opportunity during a live auction with other exclusive works that will take place on March 26, 2022 in The Hague. An overview of these works, by among others Kadir van Lohuizen and Sacha de Boer, can be found here.

Below you find a selection of the photos that were auctioned on Catawiki. In total 40 photos have been sold during the auction. Read more about it in this article.

Bert Verhoeff
Moskou/Rusland: Bert Verhoeff November 1990 "Tent camp of homeless at the Red Square"


Marielle van Uitert
Chora/Afghanistan: Marielle van Uitert 2010 "Children run away as Dutch ISAF troops patrol the village"


Jet Budelman
Moria/Greece: Jet Budelman 2018 “Girl carrying child just outside camp Moria - Greece”
Popel Coumou
Popel Coumou "108_Untitled 2017"
Teun Voeten
Shanxi province/China: Teun Voeten 2007 "Miners take a bath after shift" #08/25
Petterik Wiggers
Torit/South-Sudan: Petterik Wiggers 2007 "Tea shop"
Joost Bastmeijer
St. Louis/Senegal: Joost Bastmeijer 2021 "Fishermen in a pinch"
Paul Teixeira
Amsterdam/The Netherlands: Paul Teixeira 1980 "Emigrants from Turkey sitting on a bench in the 1980's in the Vondel Park"


Ilvy Njiokiktjien
Hilton/South-Africa: Ilvy Njiokiktjien 2020 "The swim team of Michealhouse during a swimming match at boarding school Hilton College in Hilton, South Africa"


Soraya Ebrahimi
Kermanshah/Iran: Soraya Ebrahimi 1990 "Child of nature"


Ton Koene
Afghanistan: Ton Koene "Daily life in Afghanistan. Woman on the bus"


Erik Brinkhorst
Muggenbeet/The Netherlands: Eric Brinkhorst 2021 "Ice skaters in Dutch winter"


Sanne Derks
Camagüey/Cuba: Sanne Derks 2019 "Cuban cooldown"


Photo in header: Marielle van Uitert, Chora Afghanistan

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