Audience survey WADADA News for Kids


Earlier this year WADADA News for Kids conducted an audience survey. A study to the reach and impact of the WADADA News for Kids network.

Television is a dominant type of media

Syria Audience Research 2016


Over the past five years, Syria has faced a devastating civil war, which has led to a gradual descent into civil strife, creating an environment in which media operation has become increasingly difficult.

Violence against journalists in South Sudan


In the light of recent reports of violence against journalists coming out of South Sudan, Global Forum for Media Development interviewed Leon Willems regarding his opinion on the challenges facing journalists and the free press in conflict environments.

Independent media as watchdogs of democracy


For more than 30 years the media in Indonesia have been largely influenced and determined by local authorities.  Especially now that the country is developing from a social point of view, there is a great need for independent media as watchdogs of democracy.

Photo by: Hani Taha

Tribal News Network in Pakistan will start producing local news for mobile phones


The radio and online news outlet Tribal News Network (TNN) in Pakistan will start producing local news that listeners can hear by dialing a number on their mobile phone.


Freedom of expression should not be on trial


On Wednesday June 29, 2016 the trial of seven Moroccan human rights defenders was postponed for the third time. The new court date for the case is scheduled for 26 October, 2016. Crackdowns on independent media, human rights defenders and civil society have led to a stifling environment that limits freedom of expression and association in Morocco.


“Whistleblowers who serve the public interest deserve to be protected”


Free Press Unlimited condemns the conviction of “LuxLeaks” whistleblowers Antoine Deltour and Raphaël Halet on Wednesday, June 29. Both have received suspended sentences of 12 and 9 months and fines of €1,500 and €1,000 respectively.