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The Erased

World Press Freedom Day, 3 May 2024 - At a time when press freedom is under increasing pressure and the number of imprisoned journalists continues to increase, it is now more important than ever to draw our attention to censorship. Usually, the stories of imprisoned journalists remain untold - because what is not published cannot be read. With 'The Erased', Free Press Unlimited makes this invisible problem visible. Media outlets and organisations worldwide have joined Free Press Unlimited in making a stand against censorship.

In 2023, CPJ registered 320 imprisoned journalists worldwide. That is three times as many  imprisoned journalists as in the year 2000. These are serious numbers when you realise that every censored journalist is a lost perspective on the truth. All over the world journalists face censorship when they publish - or even try to publish - about violations, abuse of power, or simply attempt to document events that are taking place. As a result, journalists often become a target during conflict. When we look at Palestine, all documented 17 arrests took place after 7 October 2023. For many of them the charges remain unknown. 

The Erased
The Erased uses a uniquely developed font that erases censored words. Each erased word symbolises an imprisoned journalist and represents the topics they reported on. Examples are coup, war or genocide. Organisations from the Netherlands, Syria, El Salvador, Macedoniaand other countries, have joined this campaign to make censorship visible.

The Erased video

The Erased mock-up
The Erased mock-up
The Erased mock-up

Making stories visible
Besides making censorship visible, we also shine a light on the journalists that face arrest, assaults or imprisonment. These personal stories can be read on 'The Erased' website. The brave journalists that are willing and able to share their story with the rest of the world are; Anna Loiko (Russia), Dicle Müftüoğlu (Turkey), Jeffrey Moyo (Zimbabwe), Khalid Jamil (Pakistan), Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca (Cuba), Nadiye Gürbüz (Turkey), Olga Loiko (Belarus) en Solomon Amabo Atanga (Cameroon). Journalist Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca is currently still imprisoned. His wife Eralidis Frometa Polanco wrote his story on his behalf.

“Me and 12 of my colleagues were detained by the Belarusian government. I was released after 10 months and was able to leave the country. However, I am still on the terrorist list in Belarus. Staying in journalism and continuing to talk about what is happening in Belarus is the only way out for me. As journalists we risk ourselves for the future of our countries, for the sake of democratic values.” - Olga Loiko, from Belarus

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Olga Loiko, Dicle Müftüoğlu & Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca

Only 1 in 7 people live in countries where they can freely and safely seek, receive or share information, and as many as 128 countries have limited to no press freedom. The Erased therefore symbolises all journalists who experience censorship through threats, arrest or even death. They risk their lives to provide us with reliable and independent information. They uncover abuses of power for the public good. While they are silenced, it is up to us to raise our voices. For the journalists but also for ourselves.

Download the font and spread censorship awareness.

Download the font   Video on how to install the font

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