Amman, Jordan

Media Action Jordan: Support the independence of Jordan’s media sector

Enabling environment

Jordan’s contemporary media environment suffers from comparatively intrusive government practices and increasingly restrictive laws compared to it’s rather liberal past - an alarming trend present across much of the region today. The implementation of such laws can be consequential on the extent of free speech, the accessibility to ‘good’ information and the overall independence of the media sector. Notably, the region is ranked as the most difficult and dangerous region in the world for journalists, and Jordan sits at position 146 out of 180 according to the Reporters Without Borders’ 2023 World Press Freedom Index.

However, thanks to the financial support of the Dutch Embassy to the Kingdom of Jordan, Free Press Unlimited will implement the Media Action Jordan project, or M.A.J.O.R., to ensure the development of a safer and more inclusive environment for Jordanian journalists and media houses. This will be done by (1) strengthening lobby and advocacy skills of media civil society organisations and actors, (2) inspiring men and women journalists to produce innovative, relevant and inclusive content, and (3) to foster professional and more resilient media practices throughout the Jordanian media landscape.

Free Press Unlimited will take the lead in developing this programme, involving key media stakeholders within the civil society (organisations as well as individuals), international knowledge partners, and (sub-) regional networks and initiatives for media freedom.

Enabling environment

Free Press Unlimited aims to support the development of a more enabling environment for independent journalism in Jordan through capacity-building. More specifically by working with local media support organisations on strategic advocacy, with the national best practices and legal norms kept in mind. There will also be lobby and advocacy events for Jordanian journalists, and a focus on developing capacity in monitoring and documenting violations of press freedom and violence against journalists.

Relevant and inclusive content

The programme also seeks to contribute to female participation in the Jordanian media landscape by providing coaching on (gender) inclusive journalism practices, granting schemes for inclusive and thematic media productions, and by strengthening the local capacities for gender media monitoring.

Resilience and sustainability

The third objective of this programme is to ensure the resilience and sustainability of both individual journalists and large media houses in Jordan. Efforts will be made in capacity building and monitoring of financial and administrative management skills for media organisations. Additionally, coaching will be provided on organisational and individual safety strategies for media support organisations and freelance journalists, as well as the provision of grants for core funding.

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