Digital surveillance technologies used by governments and criminals are a threat to press freedom and freedom of expression. Publeaks makes counter-surveillance technologies transparent and available to journalists and their sources. Publeaks allows whistleblowers and journalists to communicate privately, anonymously and safely.

Publeaks improves security for journalists and their sources. Easy-to-use counter-surveillance technology and digital security training for journalists enable secure communication between whistleblowers and investigative reporters.

Receive, check, publish

Publeaks makes use of open source software GlobaLeaks made available by the Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights. Whistleblowers remain anonymous and choose which of the participating media and civil society organizations they wish to communicate their information to.

It is up to the investigative journalists to undertake the important tasks of deciding on the relevance of tips and to verify the information. Only after a thorough investigation will a story be published to publicly expose wrongdoings. In this way, the public gets to hear about matters which the authorities, powerful business and criminal gangs want to keep under wraps.

Four countries

Free Press Unlimited has been involved in setting up Publeaks in four countries: Mexico (Méxicoleaks),  Nigeria (, Indonesia (IndonesiaLeaks) and the Netherlands (Publeaks NL). But the number of platforms around the world is growing. We will explore the possibilities for platforms in countries such as Pakistan and Tunisia. The Publeaks mission is to connect witnesses with the media, no matter who they are.

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