Listening radio in Sudan

Radio Dabanga: Radio for Life

Radio Dabanga is a radio station in exile for Sudan. Not by choice, but out of necessity. In Sudan independent journalism has been persecuted, intimidated and silenced for years. That is why Dabanga operates from Amsterdam. For many Sudanese, it is a lifeline. The only source for quality information on safety, health, food and politics.

Life-saving broadcasts

Because it is too dangerous to work from Sudan, the founders of Radio Dabango left their home to settle in Amsterdam with the support of Free Press Unlimited. Radio Dabanga broadcasts one hour every day in Arabic through shortwave radio. With their reporting on the latest news, health issues and programmes such as Lost and Found, it provides the people in Sudan with important daily information. They inform listeners about where it is safe, where they can find emergency assistance, and whether lost relatives have been found. 

Additionally, the station produces satellite television, keeps its website up-to-date and makes extensive use of social media. Their audience consists of a wide range of different groups: radio listeners in the countryside, satellite television audience in the cities and youth consuming social media. Humanitarian workers, policy makers and lobbyists assert the value of the broadcasts.

Broadcasting from Amsterdam

The editors in Amsterdam are supported by a widespread network of stringers and citizen journalists that deliver the news from all over Sudan. The editors use WhatsApp as a tool to receive, verify and publish news. This contributes to swift communication, not only with interested individuals but also with specialist groups as medics and civil servants from all over Sudan.

Free Press Unlimited enables the team of professional Sudanese journalists to do their jobs from the studios in Amsterdam independently. However Free Press Unlimited is a media development organisation and not a publisher. And from the start Radio Dabanga had the wish to -when feasible- become an independent radio station. Therefore, both organisations work towards complete autonomy in the areas of finance, management and facilities for Radio Dabanga. You can support Radio Dabanga with a donation here.

Radio Dabanga philosophy

Together with concerned journalists and representatives of NGOs, Free Press Unlimited was a founding father of Radio Dabanga in 2008. All contributors had one thing in mind, the interests of the Sudanese people, their needs, concerns and curiosity. This is the Dabanga philosophy. Basic needs and vital questions of ordinary people should always come first. Journalists should serve the people who have no say – certainly when they themselves are the subject of international news reports. 

Before 2013 Radio Dabanga's main focus was on conflict areas such as Darfur and the Blue Nile. Since then the station increasingly shifted to being a reliable source of information for people in all parts of Sudan.

Key Figures

For over ten years now, Radio Dabanga has been a reliable source of news for and from Sudan. It reaches over 2.3 million people through shortwave radio and about 1 million through satellite television on a daily basis. For more key figures, please go to their online factsheet

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