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Everyone has the right to independent, reliable and understandable news.

That is why Free Press Unlimited created WADADA News for children or youth: a global cross media cooperation that brings tailor made news, opinions and stories from the perspective of young people. 

Children and youth deserve to know and to be known.

A global community, connecting diversity

WADADA News for children or youth is an international cross media cooperation of professional media organisations. Based on the WADADA news formats we've created new video and audio programmes around the world. Nowadays we are a network of cooperations, that is running a 24/7 online newsroom and an online media library where all video and audio materials are uploaded and exchanged. We give on site training, advocate for inclusion of young people in news, perform joint fundraising, and are continuing to build successful cross media communities in countries all over the world.

WADADA News programmes have been set up in the yellow highlighted countries.

Leading news brand for children and youth

WADADA News started in 2004, and since then we have set up news programmes in 21 countries, in 14 different languages. The news productions have already reached over 100 million people worldwide. WADADA News for children or youth is a project by Free Press Unlimited, and was made possible thanks to the generous support of our loyal donors and friends in the Dutch media sector, the Dutch Postcode Lottery, contributions from private and institutional human rights funds and embassies and government bodies around the world.

WADADA News on tv, online, mobile worldwide

Since 2004 tailor made news for children or youth is made around the globe within the WADADA News cooperation. An overview:


WADADA News world edition:

From 2013 until 2018 also a special WADADA News world edition was made. These editions were compilations and specials with items made by the WADADA network with the latest news, opinions and stories from the perspective of children or youth. Presented by Fiona Yauw and with teen reports made by the audience of the program.

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In the countries listed below, a news programme was set up with the support of the WADADA brand and expertise. Many of them are still producing news programmes on the regular. Below you find examples of TV broadcasts from our partners worldwide. Check out the videos and visit their channels to find out more!


Paka Data, news for kids on national children's channel Canal Pakapaka, covers themes of interest and importance, from the hopes and perspectives of kids. 

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Kanastara News for Kids started in 2014. Kanastara wants kids to be able to tell their stories and therefore form their own opinion on topics that matter to them. The program broadcasted twice a week hoping to contribute to the development of kids becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

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The main principle of PICA is: news needs to be an action of protest, defense and a representation of young people and their world. PICA stands for Intelligent Program with Teenagers. The producers believe in the voice of young people and are committed to the new generation that is ready to make a better world.

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Reporter Rá Teen Bum is the Brazilian edition of WADADA News for children or youth. It is produced and broadcasted nationwide by TV Cultura. With simple language and a dynamic structure Repórter Rá Teem Bum brings Brazil and the world the highlights in chapters such as "Gira Girou" and "Você viu?". The programme provides a close look at young people, who have to rely on "É nóis (it's us)" and still find a simple and innovative approach to important issues, relying solely on the opinion of children and adolescents. Presented by Nathália Falcão.

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Sin Filtro brings news for children in seven minutes, open to everyone and dedicated to expression, participation and reflection of the world of today. It is part of a new project of Canal Capital directed at young people. #AdolescentesSinFiltro

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"WADADA Ecuador" is a news programme that produces items of interest for children and youth. The program shows daily events, from the fresh perspective of children and youth and crosses Ecuador in search of stories told by and for young people. Their interests, their desires, their hobbies, their knowledge, their skills and their voices are embodied in each chapter of our news.

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I-News is the first weekly news programme for youth in Egypt. It is targeting youth between 13 and 16 years old. The I represents technology, the internet and I (myself) to be part of the news. I-News' goals are to provide youth with unbiased news, treated in a way that kids can grasp and relate to, and provide youth with a media outlet to share their opinions, perceptions and ideas to the wider community. I-News also aims to train young graduates who want to work in the news reporting field, provide them with the proper training and knowledge they need to be capable of reporting and documenting different events and issues that are important to them, particularly those that are unavailable in mainstream media.

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Since January 2013, the Ghanese media company MultiTV has aired the programme News Generation at three television channels. News Generation is a 30 minute news programs specially designed for children between 12 and 15 years. The main target of the show is to make children familiar with issues that are in the news in Ghana and around the world, as well as giving children a voice and platform of expression.

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Tempo Youth started as a radio programme in 2010, at that time called "Teen Voice". From 2011 onwards, Teen Voice produced video products that aired three times a week on 22 different local TV stations. At the moment the company is in transition due to a management switch where Teen Voice is now "Tempo Youth." Social media act as a bridge between the producers and the young audience.

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“¡Vientos! Noticias que vuelan” (Winds. Flying news) is an invitation to social inclusion and peaceful coexistence in a context of rising violence and historical racism in México. It brings information, histories and opinions to children, which helps them to feel safer, happier and hopeful.

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WADADA Crna Gora (WADADA Montenegro) is a weekly news update for children and youth in Montenegro, aired on national channel RTCG 1.

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The Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) created Youth Voice in 2008. It's mission is to give children access to independent news and create understanding and cooperation between the different ethnic groups living in Burma/Myanmar. Due to the political situation in the country, the show was initially produced in Thailand, making it the only programme in the WADADA network produced in exile. Since 2017 the team could move to Yangon, capital city of Myanmar/Burma.

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NayaPusta broadcasts on 10 television channels in Nepal. The target group is between 8 and 14 years old, which creates a potential audience of 4,5 million children. The Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists produces a video and radio version of NayaPusta. It aims to improve the comprehension and critical thinking of the Nepali youth.

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De HUMO is a Nicaraguan TV news programme, established in 2012, and is aimed at youth between 14 and 17 years old. The programme hopes to help getting young people to be open and understanding towards the world around them but also prepare them to watch news for adults.

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No Apta Para Adultos: Not Suitable For Adults. NAPA airs at 40 local television channels and reaches about 8 million Peruvian viewers. The program serves two main goals: participation and education. Since 2007 NAPA stimulates children to participate in debates, local as well as international, and wishes to contribute to the education of children.

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Sierra Leone:

'Wetin Now?!' meaning 'What is happening?!' is a radio and television program in Sierra Leone for youth between 12 and 21 years old. Wetin Now?! highlights sensitive and complex issues. The goal of the programme is to empower youngsters to participate in the public debate.

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South Africa:

Bona Retsang is a weekly news program for young South Africans. It's aim is to inform and entertain - and most of all, to get you thinking and talking about what's up in this crazy world of ours. After the abolition of the apartheid South Africa remains divided but Bona Retsang approaches racial and cultural diversity in a positive way.

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The Tien Minuten Jeugdjournaal (Ten Minutes Kids News) started in 2004 and was the very first member of WADADA News. The programme has a duration of ten minutes, since studies show children loose their attention span after that. Ten Minutes aims at kids between 10 and 14 years old. It's goal is to create news, suitable and appealing to children.

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WADADA News for Kids Ukraine is a bi-weekly TV news programme for children 8-14 years old. It is produced by UNICEF Ukraine in cooperation with local TV stations and child and youth TV studios from eastern Ukraine.

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ZKids News was created in 2006 and produced by MUVI TV. The programme focuses on children from 10 years and older. The goal of ZKids News is to enable kids to express themselves and develop their many talents freely. Also, the team provides training and workshops for professionals who wish to learn how to create television programmes for children.

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